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Review: DC Collectibles DC Comic Icons 6″ Green Lantern John Stewart (Mosaic)

   I'm ashamed to say that even though Green Lantern John Stewart is one of my favorite characters, I don't know much about his time spent on the "Mosaic" world. This was written in the early nineties where I didn't have much money towards comic books and the money I did have usually went to Marvel. It turns out the Mosaic World was a... Read more →
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Review: Hasbro Marvel Legends Series 6″ Okoye (from “Black Panther” movie)

  I'll admit, I was a little surprised when the Build-A-Figure was announced for the Marvel Legends Black Panther wave turned out to be Danai Gurira's "Okoye" character. There are at least two to three other choices I would have made. My number one choice would have been the leader of the Jabari tribe, M'Baku. He played a role in at least... Read more →
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Review: Hasbro Marvel Legends Series 6″ Nakia (from “Black Panther” movie)

    Back again and this time around, we're reviewing the Nakia action figure, portrayed by Lupita Nyong'o in the Black Panther movie. I'm sorry, that's "Marvel's" case you got that mixed up with which Nakia was being referred to when you purposely bought the figure. I'm sure there are some legal reason's as to why Hasbro... Read more →
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Review: Hasbro Marvel Legends Series 6″ Erik Killmonger (from “Black Panther” movie)

  A month and half has passed by, I have seen Black Panther three times, and I am just now getting to my second review...thank you for bearing with me, one day I'll get to do these more often. Next up with have Erik Killmonger in what the community has unofficially dubbed his "Golden Jaguar" costume. I hope that one day someone (Hasbro,... Read more →
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Review: Hasbro Marvel Legends Series 6″ Black Panther/T’Challa (from “Black Panther” movie)

  Hey, remember that time when I used to put reviews on this site? Yeah, good times. Yes, it has been nearly three months since my last review and I'm a little rusty.  First review of the year and it goes definitively to the main character of the movie that may be one of the biggest films of all time. Of course it's T'Challa, the Black... Read more →
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BlackActionFigure 2017 Year End Review – Part 2 (Mattel & DC Collectibles)

2017 was a slow year for Hasbro's superhero competitors, Mattel and DC Collectibles. Both companies have the rights to the DC license. And both really don't use it as often as collectors would like. If you count the statues, DC Collectibles are killing it. But the action figure side is lacking. You would think DC Collectibles being an... Read more →
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BlackActionFigure 2017 Year End Review – Part 1 (Hasbro)

Well, we've made it through another year (and already two weeks plus into the new year). Lots of releases, lots of figures I didn't get a chance to review. However, before I do my 2017 Figure of the Year, someone suggested if I could go over what was released this year. While this list is by no means complete, it is a good indicator of all... Read more →
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Best 5 Sports Player Action Figures

5 legends from 5 different sports are a part of this post. They are the best, they hold records and they are at the top of the world for years now. Today, I want to introduce you to the legends of basketball, American and European football, baseball and ice hockey and their action figures.   ADMINISTRATOR NOTE: This article was... Read more →
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Review: Hasbro Marvel Legends Series 6″ Valkyrie (From Movie: “Thor: Ragnarok”)

   When they first announced Thor 3, I was not holding my breath. The first two iterations of Thor had been good enough to watch, but easily forgettable in the long run. When they announced Thor: Ragnarok and put out the teaser trailer, Marvel easily regained my attention and got me excited again for a Thor movie. I thought they had a... Read more →