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Review: Mattel DC Comics Multiverse 6″ Black Lightning (TV Version)

It's the end of 2017 and everyone was waiting in anticipation for February 2018...that's when Black Panther was going to release in theaters.  DC and the CW seemingly tried to take (or share) some of that thunder (no pun intended) by releasing their own resident Black superhero first in January 2018...Black Lightning! Now Black... Read more →
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Review: Hasbro Marvel Legends 6″ Shuri (From “Black Panther”)

ABOUT DAMN TIME! We have been through two waves of admittedly awesome Black Panther Marvel Legends figures....okay, the first wave was half good with Hasbro not expecting the success of Black Panther and putting out a wave with a comic version of Iron Man, Namor, and Black Bolt, but the second wave of Black Panther figures was lit! ... Read more →


  I finally recovered from my week in San Diego and finally put the kids back in school, so I think it's time to actually report on my first trip to the San Diego Comic Con International.  Let me say, it was a lot. Let's get the bad out of the way:  If I got bumped into even one more time, I thought I was about to lose it.  And... Read more →
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Review: Marvel Legends Series MJ (From movie “Spider-Man: Homecoming”)

  "Spider-Man: Far From Home" opened this past Tuesday so I thought now was a good time to crack open my Target Exclusive Marvel Legends Spider-Man/MJ 2-pack and review the MJ figure.  This 2-pack is actually advertised as being from "Spider-Man: Homecoming", but hey, better late than never. Yes, it's kind of weird that this is labeled... Read more →
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Review: Hasbro Star Wars Black 6″ Val (Vandor-1) (from “Solo: A Star Wars Story” movie)

  Next up is Val from the "Solo: A Star Wars Story" movie played by one of my favorite actresses, Thandie Newton. It's always surprising to me that we have another actor here who has had a varied and long film and television career and this is (I believe) the first action figure with her likeness on it. The movie itself was just okay to... Read more →
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Review: DC Comics Multiverse 6″ Kid Flash (Comic Book Version)

  Let me tell you, it's kind of hard getting off the Marvel bandwagon...Hasbro alone has been producing excellent action figures and their distribution has only made them more popular. But over the years, Mattel has been hanging in there pushing out smaller waves of figures based on DC TV, movie, or comic book franchises. Unfortunately... Read more →