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New Avengers 25 (AvsX Tie-In) Cover

Looks like I won't be able to escape it.  Avengers vs. X-Men is coming and it is going to (infect) be featured in a lot of Marvel comics this summer. Particularly interesting is the cover released of one of my favorite comic books, The New Avengers (led by Luke Cage).  Here we see Iron Fist...with a Phoenix logo!  Well now this action... Read more →
Action Figures

Store Finds

Picked up "Gunner" from Pirates of the Carribean yesterday.  I've been waiting for Target to discount this to a good price, and at just over $2, it was priced to move.  I didn't really care for Pirates of the Carribean but I like the figure and I wanted it for the site, so here it is!  It'll probably be a while before I review it... Read more →
Marvel Universe 2

Review: Marvel Universe – Patriot

Marvel's Patriot gets to be the first Black action figure that I review.  But here's the kicker...if you don't read comic books (namely Young Avengers), you would have no idea that (surprise, surprise) this dude is Black!  He is covered from head to toe in his uniform.  This is Patriot's first costume.  His current costume in comic book... Read more →