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Review: Rocky’s Apollo Creed

When I started this website, I had no idea (or any clue) that I would be reviewing an action figure from a movie that was made 35 years ago.  Yet, here I am, reviewing Apollo Creed (played by Action Jackson himself, Carl Weathers) from the movie Rocky.  I remember Rocky being one of the first movies I've seen as a child.  I believe my... Read more →

New Trailer for Avengers animated series on DisneyXD

Here is the new trailer for second season of The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes animated series on Disney XD.  The first season was epic and reminded me of the Justice League cartoon on Cartoon Network.  Now the new season is here, conveniently close to the opening of The Avengers movie.  Apparently, there is some method to... Read more →

New Storefront

Now if I review, preview, or feature an action figure or other item on this website, in most cases I'll add it to the new Store!  At the top of the lineup is the recently reviewed figure, the Justice League of America's Vixen. I just want to say, I hope this makes it easier to find some of those harder to find... Read more →
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The Fury of Firestorm – The Nuclear Men #1

So my feelings on the New 52 are pretty mixed right now.  They are about 7 months into it and I just got done reading most of the #1's of the New 52 books.  Out of all of them, 'Firestorm' has the most interesting premise. It's funny to me how some books have pretty much been a continuation from where they left off (the Batman and Green... Read more →