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Review: Hasbro Marvel Legends Series 6″ Cloak (of “Cloak & Dagger”)

  I have been a fan of Cloak & Dagger in the comic books since I first read about them in the 80's. Not because they had a great powerset or even that the writing was all that good back then. It was that Marvel was doing something in the comics that was still kind of taboo at that interracial relationship.  As all... Read more →
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Review: FigureMasters 1/6 Scale “Windstorm” Figure (Halle Berry’s Storm from the X-Men movies)

   One thing for certain, if you wait long enough in the action figure game, you will eventually get to purchase what you want. You missed something earlier? Don't worry, it will come back later (and even better than before) within the next ten years. Case in point, the original X-Men movie was released about 19 years ago in 2000. After... Read more →
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Review: Hasbro Star Wars Black 6″ Lando in Skiff Guard Disguise (From Movie “Return of the Jedi”)

  Growing up as a boy, I remember one of my favorite action sequences from "Star Wars: Return of the Jedi" was the Han Solo rescue on Jabba's skiffs over the Sarlacc pit. I remember Luke looking over at Lando with a nod like "you ready?" and then Lando returning his nod like "I got you." I recreated that scene over and over again with my... Read more →
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Review: Mattel DC Multiverse 6″ Black Manta (from movie “Aquaman”)

  It's movie blockbuster Xmas movie season and there are several movies I would like to see.  Creed 2, Ralph Breaks the Internet (with the kids of course), and....Aquaman?! Yes, believe it or not, I actually have some expectation to watching "Aquaman". Yes, we have been beat up and berated by subpar DC movies with subpar villains...and... Read more →
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Review: DC Collectibles 7″ John Diggle (From TV Show: “Arrow”)

   Going through my back catalog, I came across this action figure.  John Diggle as a character is a great partner/best friend to Green Arrow in the long-running CW series "Arrow".  When this action figure was announced, I was cool with getting a plain clothes supporting character...this figure may have changed that line of thinking. ... Read more →
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Review: Diamond Select 7″ Jules Winnfield (From Movie: “Pulp Fiction”)

   I did a Pulp Fiction intro with my Marsellus Wallace review, so I will just keep this intro praising the works of Samuel L. Jackson.  Sam Jackson is hands down the most iconic American actor in cinema today.  Not only has Jackson played in a bajillion movies, he is the only actor I know whose likeness has graced the most number of... Read more →
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Review: Diamond Select 7″ Marsellus Wallace (From Movie: “Pulp Fiction”)

  Next year (2019) will mark the 25th anniversary of one of Quentin Tarantino's cult classic movies, "Pulp Fiction". No matter what you may have thought of it or how it may have left you feeling after watching it, chances are it left a mark on you somehow. One of the standout characters in the movie was crime boss Marsellus Wallace played... Read more →