My Collection

I was asked about my collection in the forums and so I thought now is a good time to show off some of the figures in my collection.  I mostly collect Marvel Universe and Marvel Legends figures, but I have diversified a lot, especially to review some figures on here.  Here's a taste of some of the collection.  Be sure to continue on to... Read more →
Newsfeed No More?!

I went to today like I do on an almost daily basis, only to find that they are out of the business and selling the domain.  I thought they were doing pretty well, even though there last few offerings were kind of weak to me and some were way overpriced.  Some of the figures I've reviewed on here came from them and I am... Read more →
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Double-Review: Marvel Select 7″ Chitauri and Marvel The Avengers 3.75″ Chitauri (Cosmic Chariot Invasion)

The Avengers movie comes out on Tuesday, so I thought I would do a review that is significant to that release.  The movie was great.  The 6" figures were pretty nice.  The 3.75" action figures were pretty much okay with a few exceptions here and there.  That was until they just came out with the Avengers Chitauri action figure. I... Read more →
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Double Review: Marvel Universe 3.75″ and Marvel Legends 6″ Punisher

This month has definitely been good for the Punisher.  He not only gets a revamped 3.75" Marvel Universe figure (The Punisher figure was in the very first Marvel Universe Wave back in March 2009), we also get another revamped Marvel Legends figure (the last one was also released back in 2009).  So the question on the table stands: Did we... Read more →