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Review: Hasbro Marvel Legends 6″ Marvel’s Domino (from movie “Deadpool 2”)

  When Disney bought Fox, the Marvel properties that Fox owned came with the deal. This included the Fantastic Four, X-Men, and of course Deadpool.  Since Disney has close ties with toymaker Hasbro, most of the Fox Marvel properties never really got plastic representation...but now that Disney and Fox are one big happy family, let's bring... Read more →
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Review: DC Collectibles 6.5″ Firestorm (from “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow”)

  When I first got this figure, I wasn't super excited to review it. Not only is my backlog filled with better stuff, the character himself is not my favorite off of "DC's Legends of Tomorrow."  The character Firestorm was underutilized and even when used, was not used properly. The comic book Firestorm has always had the ability to alter... Read more →
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Review: Toys Works 1/6 Scale “Black Steel” (from Netflix’s “Luke Cage”)

  I asked some of you what you would like to see more on the site, and a good third of you requested more 1/6th scale figure reviews. With that being said, I do have a growing backlog of 1/6th scale figures I need to go through, so I see it as a win/win situation for all of us! First up is Luke Cage! Okay, really "Black Steel" let... Read more →
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Mega-Review Showdown! Diamond Select vs. Hasbro vs. Mattel Winston Zeddemore (from “Ghostbusters”)

  This is either a MEGA-Review 4 years in the making, or me being so behind that I have actually managed to collect 3 different Winston Zeddemore figures from 3 different companies (it's probably more the latter than the former). Because of the female-lead Ghostbusters reboot back in 2016, the original Ghostbusters were once again... Read more →
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Review: McFarlane Toys Ikora Rey (from the “Destiny 2” video game)

  Every so often, I try to pick up and review a figure of a character I have absolutely no clue about...and this time around that falls on Ikora Rey. How much do I know about Ikora Rey?  I know that the character is from the MMO video game, Destiny 2. A video game I would have maybe played if A) I had any time to sit down to play a video... Read more →