AvsX: A look at the cover to Avengers vs. X-Men

Avengers vs X-Men

Update: Marvel just posted an alternate cover seen above.  Captain America vs. Cyclops.

Marvel just posted the cover to their upcoming series, Avengers vs. X-Men.  While they are hyping this thing up, I just don’t know what to expect.  I’m currently about 5 months behind in my comic book reading (I’m currently just getting into X-Men Schism) and Marvel is always using these “events” to shake up everything.

We already see that both Wolverine and Beast are on the Avengers side. I think I got enough of this “hero fighting hero” business during the Civil War to last a lifetime.  Just bring Thanos back.  Or Galactus.  Or somebody else.

Looks like we’ll see who’ll win this April.  Hopefully, I’ll be caught up by then to give this one a proper review.

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