Flashpoint CyborgFlashpoint Cyborg Action Figure

Yes, I’m getting a little behind on my reviews, but sometimes the stars must be in alignment, there must be a full moon, and yes, there has to be time to write these things.  So it came time to do another review and I was just about to do “J” from Men In Black 3, but decided to review Cyborg instead.

If you’re not following DC comics, basically Flash went back into time, changed something, and then came back to an alternate timeline where he doesn’t become Flash, Bruce Wayne’s father becomes Batman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman are fighting each other in a full out World War, and Cyborg (yes Cyborg!) is the premiere superhero of this time.

So anyway, long story short, Flash sort of fixes everything but it still results in a slightly alternate timeline…known as the DC reboot series, “The New 52”!  I say all of this to say that DC uses “Flashpoint” Cyborg to transition us into feeling okay when they place Cyborg on the Justice League of America in the reboot.  My personal opinion is that DC wanted an “Iron Man”-type character on the team and Cyborg was their best choice (although I think they should have gone with Hardware myself…).   On to the action figure…

Cyborg Packaging FrontCyborg Packaging BackPackaging
DC Direct packaging is pretty much standard nowadays.  In this case they use a nice big clam shell piece to highlight the figure.  Up top on the card, we notice that this figure is part of the “Flashpoint” series (as previously mentioned) and the character’s name is displayed prominently across the bottom of the package.  No mistaking that this figure is Cyborg.

On the back we have a really good photo of the figures in the set including Flash, Wonder Woman, Batman, and of course Cyborg.  There’s a quick little blurb about Flashpoint below, so if someone was not familiar with it they will understand that these characters originate from an alternate timeline.
Score: 7.5/10 (Basic packaging, but still pretty good)

Cyborg with StandAccessories
My biggest complaint about DC Direct sometimes is that they never have enough accessories with their characters.  Case in point, Cyborg comes with…an action figure stand.  Which he doesn’t need.  His feet are so big, that he is able to stand without any assistance.  I really wish he came with a change-out for his right arm so we can choose whether to use the cannon or his cybernetic limb.
Score:  5.0/10 (Thanks for the useless stand *sarcasm*)

Cyborg BackSculpt/Likeness
To me, this is where this action figure shines.  I can almost forgive DC Direct for the crappy job they did on Black Lightning.  This figure looks like he just stepped out of the comic book.  Even though he was only in the comic books for only a hot second.  That grimace on his face makes you know that he’s ready for business…

His armor plating is a little dirty, so I tend to think that this was done on purpose to simulate a battle-worn soldier…instead of a bad paint job.  This design on his cybernetics is a welcome change from the half-naked 70’s baby that he started out as.  He is essentially a badass Black Robocop.
Score: 9.0/10 (Can’t argue with a Black Robocop, can you?)

Cyborg Articulation

And now the downfall of this figure…articulation.  DC Direct is either on or they’re off when it comes to articulating their figures.  With this one, I have to say off.  This Cyborg action figure comes with just under 12 points of articulation, and that’s if I’m scoring low.  He does not have a full range of motion at the shoulder because the huge football shoulder pads are preventing it.  No waist articulation.  No ankle articulation.

As disappointing as the lack of the figure may be, to be fair, DC Direct usually makes their figures for the adult collector to display on their shelves…and not for kids to play with.  I get that.  But I do hope that when the New 52 Cyborg comes out later this year that he is better articulated than this statue.
Score: 6.0/10 (Looks great! Crappy articulation…)

Overall, Cyborg is a solid figure.  He’s a welcome addition to your collection, if you can figure out where he belongs.  Do you have a “Flashpoint” setup?  Perfect, put him there.  Do you have a JLA setup?  Place him there.  Don’t have either? Well, just plop him on the shelf and see where he ends up later.  Definitely should be displayed!


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Kids Comic book kids may be into this one, but this version of Cyborg came and went so fast.  Nevertheless, he is a cool looking figure, and kids don’t need a little thing like “articulation” to have fun…so have at it!
Parents Before you buy for the kid, consider that this is an “Adult Collectors” line.  Sometimes, buying items from DC Direct and Marvel Select for your child is like buying them a filet mignon instead of a Hamburger Happy Meal.  If you’re okay with this, go for it!
Collectors Many collectors that refer to themselves as “completists” will list this as a “must-have”.  He’s a Cyborg from an alternate timeline which in turn changed the DC Universe forever! However, there are those collectors who can’t stand the “New 52” DC Universe and will want to avoid this like the plague.  This isn’t for you.