In a surprising move this week, DC issued massive layoffs affecting comic properties and their DC Universe service. Most surprisingly was the shut down of their mass market retail unit, DC Direct (which was rebranded as DC Collectibles).  DC Direct/Collectibles while producing nice looking figures, had issues with scale and articulation. They moved between 6″ – 7″ figures before finally settling on a 6″ size with their most recent “DC Essentials” collection, trying to compete for the 1/12th scale/6″ market compared to the massive Hasbro Marvel Legends onslaught.

Because DC Direct/Collectibles restarted their lines so often, we were often faced with repeated characters. I currently have 5 different John Stewart Green Lanterns, 4 different Cyborgs, 2 Vixens, etc.

R.I.P. DC Direct/DC Collectibles.  For what it’s worth, you will be missed.