Every so often, I try to pick up and review a figure of a character I have absolutely no clue about…and this time around that falls on Ikora Rey. How much do I know about Ikora Rey?  I know that the character is from the MMO video game, Destiny 2. A video game I would have maybe played if A) I had any time to sit down to play a video game anymore and B) I wasn’t such an introvert that I am sometimes turned off by Massive Multiplayer Online video games.

That being said, I picked this figure up because McFarlane Toys was able to produce a really good looking Black female figure with a short natural cut. Definitely an added plus while going into review this figure. Let’s check out the review…





From the front of the packaging, it is clear to see that most McFarlane Toys action figure packaging resemble each other.  Just go to the video game section of your local Wal-Mart and look at the figures section. There you can find Destiny figures, Call of Duty figures, Titanfall figures, and Mortal Kombat figures and for the most part, most of the packaging is the same.  The same size box with a giant front window, the name of the property along the top and the name of the character along the bottom.

The back of the box is a little more distinctive. You get pictures of the full line of four figures.  That’s about it, and to be honest, all you really need.  The figures look good standing next to each other and to be honest is not a bad incentive to pick up more. Like I said, I haven’t even played Destiny 2, and I’m still interested in picking up Zavala and Titan. Which of course is the desired effect that these toy companies would want you to do…

What you don’t get is some type of introduction or explanation of the character. So really (and obviously), these figures are geared mostly towards the collector who are already familiar with the characters, and not so much for newbies (like me).

Packaging Score: 7.5 out of 10 ★★★★★★★½☆☆ 





I can’t speak much for the accessories (again, I haven’t played this game, remember? I’ll probably only say that about 10 more times in this review), but what we do get looks good.  We get the laser rifle that a simple Google search would reveal is accurate to one of the weapons the character handles in the game.  And we also get the mythical and nearly extinct figure stand!

Let me touch on the figure stand first. This is such a simple addition to add on to your “collectible” figure and actually makes the figure feel more collectible. Which is almost why I feel Hasbro stopped including them in their packaging. If the figure is just “standing” on the shelf, that would almost deem it a collectible, geared more towards adult collectors. And while Marvel Legends was originally geared towards more adult collectors, they have steered it more as their premiere line for both adults and kids. Notice that Hasbro has made their figures for ages 4+. Most collectibles, including McFarlane Toys figures are designated for collectors ages 12+. Old enough to want to display your figures on the shelf, but too old to still be playing with them.

Enough about the figure stand.  The rifle looks nice too, and has a peg that allows it to be mounted/holstered on the figure’s back. I don’t know what else would be relevant, but I like these two items enough to score fairly.

Accessories Score: 8 out of 10 ★★★★★★★★☆☆ 






This figure is nearly spot on to the character’s video game incarnation. As indicative to most McFarlane Toys figures, the paint job is excellent. The sculpted clothing and added accessories make this figure look like it popped off the game screen.

The head sculpt itself is as beautiful as the computer generated character. Distinct Black characteristics elevates this figure into a must have for all collectors.  My only gripe is that there is a manufacturing line of some sort that runs along the sides and top of the head, almost like the head was in two pieces and they snapped it together.  It seems to me that could have been more seamless in execution, and maybe can only be detected because of the character’s short natural hairstyle.

The detailing in the outfit is nearly indistinct from the character’s outfit in the game. It is noticeable that certain details, like the bow on the figure’s arm, had to be made of plastic instead of ribbon, making it look a little less natural, but I commend McFarlane Toys on making it at all instead of trying to paint it on. I also appreciate the minute detailing like the wrinkles in the pants. Something so simple yet easily missed in most figures make this one stand out from the rest.

Sculpt/Likeness Score: 9 out of10 ★★★★★★★★★☆ 





This figure has about 24+ points of articulation which puts it not quite in the Marvel Legends category, but is still decent enough for some basic posing. Considering some of the outfit choices, the figure is also balanced well and was able to stand on its own easily without the figure stand.

Like most McFarlane Toys, there is actually quite a bit of “costume-blockage” on this figure. The collar of the outfit does not allow the full range of articulation for the head.  The bottom half of the coat/tunic also restricts a lot of the leg movement. The arm armor also blocks some elbow articulation.  Some of this could have been alleviated with a softer plastic or even soft goods cloth in portions of the outfit, but that is not the McFarlane Toys way.

It is also because of this harder plastic that McFarlane toys uses that a lot of the articulation seems stiff, sometimes to the point where you don’t want to add any additional force to it on the fear that it may break the figure. Caution is needed if you try too hard to bend an elbow or a knee, and if it doesn’t work at first, make sure there is nothing there to restrict movement.

Articulation Score: 7.5 out of10 ★★★★★★★½☆☆ 




Some Final Thoughts…

I can’t really recommend that the basic collector run out and get this one…like me, you probably had no clue who this character was before popping open Google and reading the Wikipedia entry.

Even though the familiarity is not there, I absolutely do not regret my purchase. This is an excellent figure and will look great on the shelf. I even found out that the character was voiced by the incomparable Gina Torres (one of my “gimmes” for sure).

I would really love to hear opinions about this figure from people who are more familiar with the character in the comments section below. Sometimes it takes a real fan of the character to offer a more in depth review. Mine may have felt a little surface level.

If you are a fan of Destiny 2 or just Black action figures in general, I definitely say this is a must buy. If you do decide to purchase, please use the affiliate link below!