The Fury of Firestorm - The Nuclear Men #1So my feelings on the New 52 are pretty mixed right now.  They are about 7 months into it and I just got done reading most of the #1’s of the New 52 books.  Out of all of them, ‘Firestorm’ has the most interesting premise.

It’s funny to me how some books have pretty much been a continuation from where they left off (the Batman and Green Lantern series) and some have been a complete retcon of the character.  The Fury of Firestorm is the latter.  I remember watching the original Firestorm (along with Cyborg) on the Super Powers Action Hour on Saturday mornings back in the early 1980s.  His powers were pretty cool at the time as he was able to transmute objects into other objects.  For instance if the bad guys pull out a gun, he blasts them and the gun becomes a pile of flowers.

In more recent times, they have been exploring the true power of Firestorm and the disastrous potential he has.  And now they have made the original Firestorm, Ronnie Raymond, and the more recent Firestorm, Jason Rusch, become two separate Firestorms that combine to form The Fury!

Pretty good story and I want to see where they go from here.  They play the race card early on and it seems a little forced, but I want to see how the racially aware Black Jason Rusch deals with the racially oblivious White Ronnie Raymond and how it affects their relationship.  So in the long run, will this ultimately hurt them or will they learn to get along?  I do like the fact that they each have the Firestorm matrix (instead of them sharing a single body), so I’ll continue to read to see where this leads.

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