As some of you know, I posted up a general question as to if I should review this figure or not. The general feel was negative, with some positive aspects thrown in. I can tell you now, this is not my favorite figure from the line and it will not review well. Unfortunately, this is the only offering as of yet of the movie based Shuri character and as such, I felt that I needed some representation of her in my collection.

Shuri was dope as hell in the movie. My question to Hasbro is why wasn’t she included in the Black Panther Marvel Legends wave? Were they getting too nervous with the other 4 Black characters and they chose to go with something else instead? Instead of including this figure in the Marvel Legends line-up, we get Shuri in the cheaper “give my kid so they can play with it and break it” Hasbro lineup. You know, those 6″ figures you see that look like you have walked into a store in Mexico and see a whole bunch of bootleg figures in the wrong colors printed with the wrong name. That’s how bad these are.

Seriously, this figure hurts my feelings, so let’s get it done. Check out the review!





The packaging is just as basic and generic as the figure. Just your basic card back with bubble front. The picture on the front of Black Panther is actually way more exciting than the actual figure.

Then on the back, I have a WTF moment…we don’t even get the picture of the figure, but the actual character herself. Like they were too ashamed of the shit they are throwing down people’s throat, so let’s show you what it was supposed to look like before we pulled a bait and switch on you.

One look at the character and then back to the figure shows they weren’t even trying.

I will give this packaging some points for design. They really tried to make this look appealing with some good graphic design. And it would have worked better if we didn’t get such a clear look of what we actually received.

Packaging Score: 4 out of 10 ★★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆ 





Well, it looks like they packaged this figure with probably the best accessory they could – her vibranium gauntlets. They even have a special lightning effect coming out of them.

Unfortunately, that special lightning effect is a permanent fixture on the accessory, so it turns out to make Shuri look like she has no control over them. This is unfortunate…a little modification would have made these a little cooler.

If I am to display this figure, I will probably file or cut the unnecessary effect from it. It just looks more and more ridiculous the more I look at it.

Accessories Score: 4 out of 10 ★★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆ 







*Breathe, Breathe*

Okay, I’m not going to go into it too much. The sculpt of the body itself is actually pretty intricate, and even has some of the correct colors. Almost like they may have started down the Marvel Legends track, then pulled back at the last moment.

The head sculpt on the other hand is a hot mess. The hairstyle is incorrect. The brown of the figure’s skin is incorrect. The paint application, while admirable, makes the figure look off.

The figure was made with a cheaper plastic than a Marvel Legends figure. This cheap plastic reflects light more and looks glossier than it should.

The cloak around the figure’s waist is a nice touch, but a little bit of nice does not make up for the whole lot of missteps.

I really hope someone else makes a 6 inch version of this figure and shames Hasbro for even doing this to fans, collectors, and unsuspecting kids.

Sculpt/Likeness Score: 4.5 out of10 ★★★★½☆☆☆☆☆ 





Hoping to pose this figure in some action pose? Too bad…with only 11 points of articulation, you’ll just be lucky to raise this figure’s arm.

Very noticeably missing is major articulation in the leg area.  They couldn’t even put in a knee hinge for any knee articulation. They kept the profits real low on this one, probably hoping to make up for the backend.

I haven’t see articulation this low since….well, since Hasbro lowered the articulation on Star Wars figures. I actually didn’t expect to find 11 points…the arms saved this figure from being a little more than junk.

Articulation Score: 4 out of10 ★★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆ 




Some Final Thoughts…

I can honestly say that I was being kind of nice in this review. I tried hard to look at the positives instead of focusing so much time and attention on the negatives.

Nevertheless, this is what you get for around $8-$10. I have even seen it as high as $20 on the secondary market, which blows my mind because I have seen this figure in almost every store I’ve gone. If you are paying more than $10, you are paying too much.

And much respect for the “mint-in-package” collectors, but I have read too many random reviews and comments on how people are buying this figure as an investment. I wonder how long people will have to hold onto this figure for even a semi-modest ROI.

I will still continue to make a plea to Hasbro (or anyone) to make a better figure. I really think this is not a deserving figure for this character.

So buy at your own risk…