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BlackActionFigure.com’s very first review of a Black female superhero (or superheroine), the Justice League’s Vixen.  Vixen isn’t a very widely known character, but she does have some history to her.  She originated in the late 1970s as sort of DC Comic’s answer to a very popular Marvel character, Storm.  DC comics figured that they needed their own female superheroine of African lineage to grace their books.  Unfortunately, Vixen’s first debut was shelved and she was not seen again until 1981.  Since then, she has become a fairly popular character within the DC community.  Within the last few years, she has been a regular member of the Justice League of America and can be currently seen in the New 52 Justice League International comic book.

Original Vixen costumeThroughout my years of reading comic books, Vixen has been sort of a blip to me.  I used to see her now and then, but she never really caught my eye…especially her original costume/look (see pic on the right).  She kind of resembled a Black, female Wolverine ripoff.  I believe the first time I started to notice her was when she was on the animated series, Justice League Unlimited on the Cartoon Network where she played Green Lantern Joh3n Stewart’s girlfriend.  Her character started to interest me and she became a major player when the late, great Dwayne McDuffie added her to the Justice League roster in the company’s flagship comic book.  Her appearance in JLA is the inspiration for this action figure.

Justice League of America - Vixen FrontJustice League of America - Vixen Back

Nothing special here.  In fact, it is the same exact packaging as the one in my Black Lightning review.  The only difference is that the name on the front says “Vixen”.  That’s it.  So to be fair, the packaging will receive the same exact score I gave it before.  The only saving grace for this package was that it let me know that a Vixen action figure existed in the first place.  Other than that, the back contains some quick bios, but if you weren’t a comic book fan, most of it wouldn’t make sense anyway.
Score:  6.0/10

Vixen - AccessoriesAccessories
Once again, the same exact accessory that came with Black Lightning came with Vixen – a Justice League of America figure stand.  She does however come with gold bracelets on both arms which look pretty cool, so I’ll add another .5 point for that.
Score:  7.0/10

This is where this figure shines.  Not only is this a dead-on likeness for the prototype on the back of the package, it is almost as if Vixen has jumped off the pages of the comic book.  The sculptor was able to capture her beauty and even portray the fact that when she’s not saving the world, she is a high-end supermodel (her day job).   The dramatic posing only adds to the figure.  The only negative here is that I wish they built more articulation into the figure to accommodate the sculpting, but more on that in the next section.
Score: 9.0/10

Vixen and Black LightningArticulation
Just like her Black Lightning teammate, Vixen has very limited articulation.  This figure only has 9 points of articulation including head, shoulders, elbows, legs, and knees.  What bothers me the most about her articulation is the lack of it in her wrist.  Her right hand is stuck in a pose that makes it seem like she’s going to do a crotch-grab on her opponent.  Her opponent may enjoy it, but it leaves very few posing opportunities for us collectors.  Battle posing is a little harder and limited, so let’s just say that this figure is made for group shots.
Score: 6.0/10

So let me just say that this was a great sculpt, but the figure itself is not without it’s problems.  This action figure would look great standing on the shelf next to the rest of her team, but that just limits the “action” part in action figure and turns her to just a “figure”.  Did I say yet that it is a great sculpt?  It shows off two of her greatest….*ahem*…assets.  Of course I mean her hair and her costume.  What do you think I was referring to?  I’m not a perv.  Well, not most of the time….

Do you hear what she is saying?


Collectors This is a must for collectors.  To my knowledge (and I may be wrong), this is the only comic-series Vixen that they have made.  You would use this one to complete the roster of your Justice League collection, or because she is just a really nice, well sculpted action figure that could fit in any collection.
Kids If the kid is a huge Justice League fan, I’m still not sure this would be a good fit.  What might be better is the Justice League Unlimited 3.75″ version of Vixen, the one from the animated series.  This one may be collectors only.
Parents Parents, pass on this as a gift for your child unless A) your child is a collector instead of someone who plays with action figures or B) you are looking for a strong female role model for your little girl.  I don’t see this figure standing up to the rough-housing of childhood play, so plan accordingly.
7.0 Good


  • Beautiful Sculpt
  • Great Accessories
  • Accurate Paint Application


  • Limited Articulation
Packaging 6
Accessories 7
Sculpt/Likeness 9
Articulation 6

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