Best 5 Sports Player Action Figures


5 legends from 5 different sports are a part of this post. They are the best, they hold records and they are at the top of the world for years now. Today, I want to introduce you to the legends of basketball, American and European football, baseball and ice hockey and their action figures.


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Michael Jordan

There is no person in this world who doesn’t know about Michael Jordan and it is one of the best basketball players with his own action figure. This set actually has 2 action figures of Michael Jordan; the slam dunk action figure and the jump shot action figure. As you can see, both figures have signature Air Jordan kicks so you can imagine that the details on the action figures are impressive. The back jersey is Chicago Bulls uniform which is considered the second home of Michael Jordan. The figures are extremely realistic, you can see every muscle in his body and they are made from injection-molded PVC.








Dak Prescott

American football is the only sport more popular than basketball in the USA and I want to present you the action figure of one of the best football players in the world who plays for Carolina Panthers. He has many awards behind him and this career is getting better and better each day. The action figure is in the Carolina Panthers uniform made with great details and it is a treat for every foosball fan, especially the Carolina Panthers fan.









Billy Hamilton

Billy Hamilton is one of the most impressive baseball players who showed that he has a talent for the early ages. Today he plays for the Cincinnati Reds as the baseball center fielder and he has a bright career in front of him. This action figure is limited edition, produced in only 100 pieces which makes it even more interesting to baseball fans all over the world. One of the treats Billy has is his great speed so his figure is made in a run.








Wayne Gretzky

One of the best hockey players of all time, Wayne Gretzky is known to people who haven’t got a clue about hockey. He has numerous action figures, but we picked the best one. The action figure is from the NHL Legends Series and it shows his days in the Edmonton Oilers jersey. Made with details on the face and the jersey, this figure shows Wayne in his natural position, fighting for the puck.








Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi is Argentinean football prodigy and one of the best football players today. He played for many European clubs and this action figure is made with Barcelona jersey. The impressive details on the face and jersey make this action figure must-have figure for every Barcelona (or football) fan.


Which is your favorite sport? What about sports action figure?