Two things to say…”About Damn Time” and “Who do I give my money to?”  I’ve been waiting for this figure for awhile now and Storm Collectibles does not disappoint. They are already on their third iteration of Mike Tyson (the other two Sold Out no problem), and I had heard rumblings a couple of years ago that they would move on to Muhammad Ali. I have to say, the wait has paid off.

This Ali figure is epic. I can’t even begin to describe my joy in being able to one day buy this figure.  I remember thinking that other Muhammad Ali figures that have been produced in the past couldn’t quite live up to the quality and accurateness that people can do today, so I sat and waited hoping that we would get a chance. Unfortunately, the “Greatest Of All Time” passed away last year…I only wished I would have had the opportunity to let him witness this masterpiece figure in the hands of his fans.

[NOTE: I really don’t want to downplay the new NECA Superman vs. Muhammad Ali set, but it really didn’t appeal to me, especially with the comic-stroke look to it…]

This figure will be coming to us sometime later this year, around October or November.  Get yours pre-ordered today!