Mister Terrific #1 CoverSo DC’s New 52 universe continues with another of their well known Black superheroes, Mister Terrific, in his own monthly title.

Michael Holt was a man who had everything: an Olympic gold (why are most of DC’s Black characters olympians?), more collegiate degrees than he can count, and a loving wife.  Tragedy strikes leading Michael down the path to take up the mantle of Mister Terrific.

When we last saw Mister Terrific (should I call him Mr. T?  naw, I better not, copyright issues or something), he was struggling in the old DC universe after losing his intelligence.  Fortunately, in the haste of DC to tie up loose ends in the old universe, he regained his intelligence in about 3 pages of self-taught struggles.  I could almost understand why DC felt the need to reboot the universe.

In this new series, we get a origin story of why he became Mister Terrific.  We once again find out why he is known as the “3rd smartest person on the planet” (behind Lex Luthor and Batman).  There were some things left out, but I’m sure as the series progress we’ll get a deeper look into the life of Michael Holt.  Like most of the comic books in the New 52 series, this issue has thrust him into a situation that looks difficult for him to overcome.

Well so far this book was an okay read.  I actually thought I would enjoy this more than the Batwing comic, but it had its issues and was sometimes “in-your-face” when it didn’t need to be.  I do enjoy that they acknowledge that he is a Black man, and they even implied that his casual relationship with a blonde hair, blue eyed acquaintance could be seen as “controversial” to some (although I think most people are over that little bit of shock value).  At times, I was getting a little bored, but the action quickly picked up and got me into the story again.  So I say, again, I can’t wait to read the next issue to see where this is all going.  Hopefully somewhere good, but only time will tell.

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