DC Comics Batwing #1So who is Batwing you ask?  Batwing is Africa’s newest superhero!  Batwing is a DC Comics superhero who was recruited by Batman to officially be the “Batman of Africa”.  He is supported by resources from Batman including a tech suit costume and his own base of operations.

So how is the comic?  I originally thought that I was not going to like this series, but this first issue has grabbed me, slapped me, and now has me hooked.  Written by veteran comic writer and former “Real World”er Judd Winick, this first issue has a little of what makes Batman so great and a lot of what makes Batwing a standout character.  This first issue even has a surprise ending that has me wondering what the hell is going to happen next!  I look forward to reading future issues of this comic and completely recommend it to both old and new comic book readers alike.

So my next question is directed to DC Direct: When is the Batwing figure coming out?!

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