I’m starting to make a habit out of skipping the first generation of a particular action figure in favor for the next. It seems in most cases, everything has been drastically improved from the previous iteration. It was definitely true for the Marvel Legends 6″ Miles Morales Spider-Man I reviewed here a couple of weeks ago.  And it still holds true for the movie version of Marvel’s Falcon 3.75″ action figure.

It’s now over 3.5 months since Captain America: Civil War was released and we are still seeing some Hasbro movie-related toys trickle in.  I found this figure first in Toys R Us, although most online and traditional retail outlets are starting to put theirs out now. For a figure that we’ve known about since as early as January, it sure took it’s sweet time getting here. I won’t even mention the Walmart-exclusive Marvel Legends 6″ Falcon action figure which didn’t even make it onto the shelves…it seems that every scalper bought all of them up and put them instantly on eBay.

I’m glad I found this figure and that it has been readily available. The Falcon figure from Captain America: The Winter Soldier was part of the second wave of action figures, but because of the glut of first wave figures, the second wave never made it out to the store shelves in retail outlets (I’ll have pictures of that maligned figure later in this review). It wasn’t until I was out of town and visited my first Five Below discount store that I was able to find to fabled second wave of that series. I felt both relieved and horrified at the same time. I bought two Falcon figures and by the time I got home, was shaking my head in disbelief at how awful that figure was. So did Hasbro correct their mistakes of the past? Let’s take a look at my review….





!Falcon375-02!Falcon375-04 I would like to believe that there were a few reasons for the last Falcon figure to be so anemic. One of the reasons I truly believe is that Hasbro was not prepared for how popular the movie and Anthony Mackie made this character. After this movie came out, I saw people online begging Hasbro for a decent figure. But what we got was a very inaccurate figure that came with a throwaway accessory (the missle-firing “Super Soldier Gear”). Sometimes I wonder which lame Hasbro executive approves this crap.

Fortunately Hasbro has redeemed themselves by offering a “deluxe” 3.75″ figure that would not only be movie accurate, but packed with accessories. This figure would appeal to not only the hardcore collector, but the casual one as well.

We get an extra large “Legends Series” packaging that can be opened and closed without destroying the package. Perfect for those collectors who would just like to maybe pop out the figure to check it out, but put it back and display in the package when they’re done with it.  That’s not me, so unfortunately this beautiful packaging will be going in the trash when I’m done with this review.

!Falcon375-03The front window displays the figure and accessories so beautifully. The back of the packaging has a perfect shot of the figure from the back, displaying the details that have gone into both the wings and the backpack, along with the extra “Redwing” accessory.

Not much I don’t like about this packaging…except the price. At $20, we are definitely paying for the packaging. If regular 3.75″ figures weren’t retailing already for $13 (needless to say, I don’t buy regular 3.75″ at full retail), this product would have easily cost about $15. At $20, this is the same price as the 6″ figure with almost the same amount of accessories.

Packaging Score: 8.5 out of 10 ★★★★★★★★½☆ 





!Falcon375-05!Falcon375-06At a premium price, we definitely expect to get premium accessories.  And Hasbro has delivered.  With this figure we get two detachable backpacks, one with the wings out and one with the wings “detracted.” Both backpacks have a peg hole that a clear pole slides into with the other end of the pole attaching to the “Redwing” accessory. Redwing comes with a detachable jet fire burst. And last but not least, we get a second head of Falcon without his goggles.

Noticeably missing? Falcon’s signature guns. I’m starting to get a complex with Black action figures missing signature weapons. With Suicide Squad, Deadshot (the weapons expert) comes with one small pistol. Meanwhile Rick Flagg comes with a handgun, a rifle, and a grenade launcher. Here we have Falcon who has guns in both movies missing them in a “deluxe” action figure pack. Meanwhile we have Deadpool and Punisher, just to name two off the top of my head, coming with a slew of different weapons. Why the disregard Hasbro?

I’m glad they included Redwing and the extra head without the goggles was an added plus. All in all, pretty solid, but the score will reflect a heavy hit for missing out on including any weapons (and no, Redwing does not count as a weapon to me…).

Accessories Score: 7.5 out of 10 ★★★★★★★½☆☆ 





!Falcon375-07!Falcon375-08Unlike the last figure, this movie was designed directly from the uniform Falcon wore in the movie. Although a lot of the coloring has been left out, the detail of the uniform is a great match to the uniform in the movie. Even those parts that were painted is a great representation of what we see in the movie.

The head sculpt from the last figure seems like no one was trying to make the figure look remotely like Anthony Mackie. This time though, for a 3.75″ figure, they were pretty accurate with the likeness. They definitely captured the shape of Mackie’s head and his droopy-eyed look (sorry, how else was I supposed to describe it?). It’s almost like that Jaime Foxx Verizon commercial…the one where someone claims to also be Jaime Foxx.  The first figure claims to be an Anthony Mackie Falcon…but comes up looking like a whack-ass cosplayer.

Like I mentioned in the packaging section, they also included a nicely sculpted backpack and wings. I actually can’t believe the amount of detail that went into these items…almost making up the premium price of this figure. The red and silver accents also highlight the detail on the backpack and wings.  The paint application on the whole figure is really nice, with no noticeable paint mistakes.

Seeing this amount of detail in the 3.75″ figure, I can’t wait to receive and review the 6″ figure next week. I’m hoping they take the detail up even more. Even so, grading at a 3.75″ scale level, this figure deserves a pretty high score. This figure is actually sculpted better at 3.75″ than the Suicide Squad 6″ Deadshot I reviewed earlier.

Sculpt/Likeness Score: 8.75 out of10 ★★★★★★★★¾☆ 






Although this figure has 24+ ponts of articulation, I am kind of disappointed. Hasbro definitely has decreased the quality of articulation even in their “deluxe” figures. While I’m glad this is not a 5 POA/POS that they’ve been doing in the past, this figure does not live up to the articulated quality of the Marvel Universe line at its peak.

!Falcon375-10Noticeably missing is any type of wrist articulation. The elbow is also single-hinged instead of double hinged. Not so noticeably missing is some additional leg articulation like a thigh swivel.

Missing articulation aside, this figure definitely has some pluses. For one, we get a hinge in the neck area allowing the figure to look all the way up, a necessity for “flying” figures. We also get some articulation in the wings. I wasn’t expecting “Hot Toys” level, but basic up and down articulation is definitely appreciated. Definitely better articulated than the Marvel Select Falcon figure from a couple of years back.

To note, after my photo session, I noticed some looseness in the articulation, especially around the waist and legs. If you do any extensive posing of the figure, be careful it doesn’t get too loose.

Articulation Score: 7.5 out of10 ★★★★★★★½☆☆ 




Some final Thoughts…

!Falcon375-11I can’t help but think, especially while writing this review, that almost everything done with the original movie Falcon figure was grossly inaccurate. As you can tell by this picture, even the size was off. If you scaled these figures up to regular size, the newer Falcon would easily be at least 6″ taller than the older one.

Let’s see…the uniform was wrong (or outdated by the time the movie came out).  The wings were wrong. The head sculpt looks nothing like the actor. I seriously wonder who the hell approved this figure.

In all honesty, I’m pretty much done with the 3.75″ line. I’ll pick some up here and there, especially if I want to do a review, but everything is at the 6″ level and up nowadays. Even with the ramp up of this figure, it seems Hasbro has been doing everything in their power to kill off anything 3.75″…they are putting out some diverse figures, but the floor has just dropped on quality and articulation. I have even noticed they are using a lower quality plastic than they used to use in their Marvel Universe line. I think all of these factors (and more) spell doom for the 1/18th scale…

What do you think will be the future of 3.75″ figures? Let me know in the comments below.