Like almost every big budget movie, Suicide Squad has received their number of collectible items. Most recognizable of course are the Funko Pop! items, but it never ends there. Funko themselves have several different collectible lines featuring the Squad: Pop! Vinyls, Dorbz, Mystery Minis, Pocket Pop! keychains, Mopeez, Buttons, and Vinyl Vixens. That’s diversification.

Starting with Deadpool, I have also started to cherry-pick the Metals line by Jada Toys. Not as impressive or as collectible to me as the Funko Pop! line, but they look good displayed in their box.

What other collectibles have you seen featuring the Suicide Squad? Let me know about it in the comments below…


Funko Pop! Vinyls

!SuicideSquadFunkoPop03Funko Pop! Vinyls always seem to knock it out of the park for me. They are not too cutesy, they are highly collectible, and they are available in a lot of places, so unless there is a highly sought after chase figure, you will more than likely be able to pick one up. Seen here is Katana, Deadshot and Killer Croc. Deadshot of course comes with a “mask off” version, but that one is sitting on my desk at work.

 !SuicideSquadFunkoPop01 !SuicideSquadFunkoPop02 !SuicideSquadFunkoPop04

Jada Toys Metals


As I mentioned before with Jada Toys Metals line, they usually look better in the box than outside of it. And that’s a small testament to the design of the box…the trapezoidal box is designed well and looks good on the shelf with other Jada Toys Metals (well, Deadpool and Black Panther right now…).

I think the ape-like arms bugs me a little. The women of the line get away with regular size arms and do not suffer from the “ape-arm” effect. Come to think of it, this does look okay for Killer Croc, because he’s sort of a bruiser. Deadshot just looks like a cosplaying dwarf.

 !SuicideSquadMetals01 !SuicideSquadMetals02 !SuicideSquadMetals04

Funko Mopeez

 DeadshotMopeez01 DeadshotMopeez02

Last but not least is another Funko-line product, a Deadshot Mopeez. Why did I pick this up? Well, for one because it is Will Smith and I thought it looked cool…a scowling stuffed doll with a goatee…who could pass that up?