Let’s get this out the way now…I will have spoilers in this review, so turn back now….

















After Batman vs Superman left a really bad taste in my mouth…really mostly EVERYONE’S mouth…I had pretty high hopes for this movie. First let me say that I was not …or at least tried not to be swayed by all of the bad reviews of BvS, so when I went to go see it, I was pretty indifferent. It wasn’t hard for me to see that everything that had been said about the movie was true.

When I went to go see Suicide Squad, reviews had already started to trickle in about how bad this movie was too.  I was a little more excited to see this movie than BvS, but I still had to see it with a “critical eye”. So what did I think of it?

The first half of the movie was pretty okay. It had it’s jokey moments and character building moments and all of that. Unfortunately, if you have seen any or all of the trailers that have come out for this movie, you have pretty much watched the first half of it.  Scene after scene of nothing but trailer stuff.  They didn’t even edit the trailer in a clever way to mislead us. Everything is pretty much straight from the movie, line for line.

The second half of the movie is where the movie starts to falter for me.  It hit me during the movie why it was bothering me so much.  Suicide Squad was trying too hard to be like “Guardians of the Galaxy”.  In Guardians of the Galaxy, you have a likeable set of rogues who turn hero against near-impossible odds.  In Suicide Squad, they desperately try to make us like these “super-villains” so that they can redeem themselves against near-impossible odds. The problem is, you’re not supposed to like them. That’s what makes me like them so much…in many ways, they are supposed to be irredeemable.  Which what made Suicide Squad and the follow up Sinister Six comic books so good is that you kind of hate these people…but you understand why you hate them and even in some ways relate to them.

In the movie, you have Will Smith as Deadshot, a hired killer who can’t miss (Marvel’s Bullseye must be so jealous). Yet we’re supposed to love him because he loves his daughter and will do anything for her, including giving himself up to Batman (yeah, Affleck has his share of cameos). There’s Harley Quinn, who fell in love with Joker and became hopelessly insane after he gives her a series of shock treatments and drops her into the same vat of chemicals that created him. We’re supposed to love her because her secret wish is to marry the Joker and have kids and a white picket fence with him.

There’s El Diablo who accidently killed his wife and kids after getting in an argument with his wife.  He’s all about not using his powers at all. Katana whose dead husband’s soul is trapped in the sword that killed him and she uses as her weapon.  Enchantress, who is an otherworldly goddess (think original Ghostbusters) trapped in the body of an archaeologist.  And Killer Croc, who if you didn’t know he was Black before in every single comic book and animated series he’s ever been in, will make it painfully known that he is.  Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje who plays Croc is a good actor, but this British-Nigerian should never talk “Black” street slang ever again. Shit, half of the time I couldn’t even make out what he was saying because his voice is deep and muffled. But he did demand he get his B.E.T. so he can watch episodes of “BET Uncut” which apparently still comes on in this DC Universe.

As far as a comparison to Guardians of the Galaxy, we did get some backstory to the characters, but the only one they spent real time on was Star-Lord, which was fine. But Suicide Squad managed to fit in backstory for Deadshot, Harley Quinn, El Diablo, Enchantress, and Rick Flagg while also showing us what some of them were doing before they got pulled into the Squad.  All in a movie less than 2 hours…makes you think how they even had time for a real plot, right?

The real problem to me comes into why the Suicide Squad was formed in the first place. Amanda Waller wanted to put together a team of super-villains they could control in case another “Superman”-like character could attack. Here’s where it breaks down…the “Big Bad” turns out to be Enchantress’ brother whom she freed. So the Suicide Squad forms because a member of the initial team did not want to be on this team.  That’s ass backwards to me.  It’s kind of like the plot of Avengers: Age of Ultron (which is why I hated it) in which Iron Man creates an android, gives it sentience, which backfires and tries to destroy the world.

All that on top of the writers seemingly forgetting how to write.  And Will Smith, an accomplished actor, forgetting how to act. I don’t know who wrote that shit during the second half of the movie, but it was terrible, and that the actors actually made themselves say it makes it almost an unforgivable act.

The scene where they beat the villain was stupid. First, they beat the first all-powerful god-like creature with…a bomb. Then, after a horrible slow-motion sequence, they beat the Enchantress with…another bomb.  Oh, and Harley was able to cut out her heart.  They killed her and “oh no”, the archaeologist is dead too, except EXACTLY LIKE GHOSTBUSTERS she’s not dead, but underneath the crust of the dead goddess.  Seriously, who the hell wrote this trash?

I didn’t even mention Joker or Captain Boomerang. First, Captain Boomerang….a throwaway character. They could have gone ahead and blown his head off and I would have been okay with it.  Next Joker. Jared Leto. Okay, enough about that.

After the movie, we got a direct copy of a scene from the Marvel movies…except instead of Nick Fury and Tony Stark, a Black government type and a White billionaire, we get Amanda Waller and Bruce Wayne…a Black government type and a White billionaire.  She gives him a folder and I can swear I see the “Avengers Initiative” crossed out on the front cover.  Instead, he flips through it and looks at pictures of the new “friends” he hopes to make (including Flash and Aquaman) so he can form the Justice League Initiative! Or something like that…

Like I told my brother last night, I didn’t hate the movie. It was what it was, but in trying to be like so other movies (most notably Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy) it misses the point of why so many people like the comic book in the first place.

My Grade:  C+