It’s been two weeks since the season finale of Season 6 of Game of Thrones, and we’re still talking about it at work! The subject of Daenerys and her upcoming reign is sometimes a big topic amongst us GoT watchers, and of course she wouldn’t have gotten there if it wasn’t for her loyal Captain of the Guard, Grey Worm. Cold as ice in a tough situation, he has often turned the tides of battle to Daenerys’ favor.

There are not many people of color on Game of Thrones, so I’m happy that Grey Worm (and his girlfriend Missandei) have been around for awhile. I’m glad we were still able to get him as a Funko Pop! figure since Funko has cancelled their 6″ line and I doubt we’ll get him as a 12″ figure so it’s either this or the Dark Horse non-articulated figure.

In any case, this is a great Funko Pop! figure to have in the collection. Throw a couple of “Unsullied” figures in there and you can have the whole crew…


 GreyWorm03GreyWorm01 GreyWorm02GreyWorm04 GreyWorm05


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