I hope you’re not burned out on Black Panther yet. I’m not and hopefully never will be. Deadpool? Yes, burned out on that. Hulkbuster Iron Man? Why did I get so many damn versions? But Black Panther will always be timeless in my opinion. [Just to note, no review on this one since it is a statue and not an “action figure”]

Just opened my Black Panther Kotobukiya Fine Art Statue that I previewed here back in September 2015. I told you then that I wasn’t a big statue guy…yet between then and now I find myself with over 10+ statues and busts from different franchises.  If you’re reading this Marvelicious Toys, I blame you. I don’t think I would never have known about Kotobukiya or Gentle Giant or all other statue makers if I didn’t listen to that podcast religiously every two weeks.  MarvelToyNews.com holds some blame too…

This is my first 1/6th size statue from Kotobukiya…I have previously purchased the 1/7th scale Kotobukiya Storm Bishoujo and the 1/10th scale Kotobukiya Cyclops Art FX+ statues. True to the Kotobukiya form, the statue comes in 4 separate pieces…I believe to get around the issue (and differentiate themselves) of other statue makers who also hold the 1/6th scale Marvel license.

The pieces fit together nicely and quickly and 2 minutes later, I have my completed statue. First thing I noticed is that this statue has some weight to it…unlike their smaller Bishoujo and Art FX+ lines. You can seriously hurt someone knocking them over the head with this thing, but trust me when I say I will not risk my statue to do that.

I love the fact that it is a “Fine Art Statue”. It fits perfectly in my man room next to my humidor and lamp…conversation piece for sure.  If you’re at all interested, make sure you pick this one up.  It can be found on Amazon or BBTS.  A quick side note…I have an app that watches Amazon price trends and this one is definitely rising quickly past MSRP…I expect it to be nearly 50%+ more by the end of the year.

 BlackPantherKoto01 BlackPantherKoto02 BlackPantherKoto03 BlackPantherKoto04 BlackPantherKoto05