I remember watching the trailer for Warcraft…I think I saw it the first time in Star Wars: The Force Awakens and then again in Captain America: Civil War…and I kept saying to myself, “why am I strangely attracted to that half-orc, half-human chick in this trailer?”  I mean, I know I’ve dated women with worse dental work and the horns in the head are concerning but really not bothering me, but I’m really attracted to this character.

!PaulaWell, the actress is none other than my other baby momma, Paula Patton.  Now Paula normally looks like the picture to the right, so yall would have to understand that I can look past some green makeup and facial deformities to still want to kick it with her. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with a little cosplay in a relationship, right? Keepin’ it fresh…

All joking aside (kinda), if I go see Warcraft in the movie theater, it will be because of her…and maybe with some Ruth Negga (Agents of SHIELD, Preacher) on the side.  She seems like a feisty one.

I’m hoping Hot Toys picks up the license so I can have this one on the shelf…right next to my Hot Toys Guardians of the Galaxy Gamora figure.  Now that’s a Black nerd’s dream come true…me, Garona and Gamora…next time y’all, next time.


 !Garona04 !Garona05 !Garona01 !Garona02


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