Review: Sam Jackson as Shaft!

Shaft Movie PosterSam Jackson as Shaft

Twelve years ago back in 2000, John Singleton directed a remake of Shaft.  Originally played by Richard Roundtree, this remake starred none other than Samuel L. Jackson.  In the same year, McFarlane Toys created a figure based off of the main character.

Back in the day, if you wanted quality, McFarlane Toys was hard to beat.  With their spot-on likenesses and detailed sculpting, it was usually as if the character jumped off the movie screen or right out of a comic book.  Unfortunately for them, quality surpassed function and these “action” figures were just above being statues.  It’s what many people call today an “inaction” figure.

This Shaft figure has almost 5 points of articulation in his arms, heads, and ankles.  I say almost because one ankle does not twist as easily due to the shape of the plastic pants.  His left arm is also sculpted in a particular fashion in where only one pose actually looks decent.  So he’s pretty much just a statue.

Sam Jackson as ShaftThis figure comes with some decent accessories nonetheless.  He comes with a semi-automatic pistol, a pair of sunglasses, and a mini movie poster display.  The gun is removable from the holster.  It can even awkwardly fit into his right hand, but in trying to do so, you become acutely aware that the gun is not meant to be placed in his hand.  The sunglasses are a nice touch, but unless you are going to never touch the display again or glue the sunglasses to his face, keeping them on is somewhat meaningless.

So this figure was nice to display back in the day and may even look good sitting next to your DVD collection.  But he should be marked “for display purposes only.”

Overall Score:  6.5/10

Collectors Are you a collector of movie memorabilia?  Definitely a plus for your collection.  Do you like Sam Jackson?  Can’t go wrong here.  He’s good for displays so the collector wins out the most.
Kids Kids, there is no point or having fun with this figure.  You will be so bored 10 seconds after picking him up that you’ll start to wonder, “What’s the point?”
Parents Parents, avoid like the plague.  Your kids won’t like it (unless they have that weird Sam Jackson fetish) and for a 12 year old figure, he may be hard to find and kind of pricey.