I really thought I was over with Captain America: Civil War stuff for a little while until I sat down at my table and looked to my left only to find these two little guys stuck in their boxes. Let me preface this discussion by saying I don’t normally by Funko Dorbz.  I personally think they are too cutesy for me and really Funko Pop! is my limit. But when I saw both the Falcon and the Black Panther sitting on the shelf undisturbed, I knew I had to have these.

The only other Dorbz I have purchased was a Michonne one from The Walking Dead.  And then I received an Ultron Dorbz from the Collector Corps subscription. Other than that, I refuse to buy these things. But again, it was the Falcon and Black Panther…you know anything Black Panther is a guaranteed purchase with a lot of people right now, so I had to capitalize on my find and pick these up right away.

If even possible, they have even less features than a Funko Pop! figure.  With Funko Pop!, I can at least turn the head on some and bobble it with others. This just pretty much just stands and smiles at you. Oh well.  Let me know what you think about these Dorbz figures in the comments below (or on Facebook…)

 CA-Dorbz01 CA-Dorbz02 CA-Dorbz03 CA-Dorbz04 CA-Dorbz05