Not to be outdone by the extremely popular Funko and their series of Pop! vinyl figures, Jada Toys has come out with a figure line of their own based on Captain America: Civil War.  I first saw them join the game with their offerings for Batman v. Superman, then again a standalone Deadpool figure (which I also own).

I have heard of Jada Toys, but I wasn’t overly familiar with them, so I looked them up. One quick search later and I find that Jada Toys are mostly known for their diecast car offerings.  Which of course I am familiar with because I have their Chrysler 300C on my bookshelf (a near match to my own Chrysler 300C). This time around though, they thought instead of vinyl collectibles, they would change the game with diecast metal figures.

I say “figures” because similar to Funko Pop!, there is no action to them. Don’t let the crease at the shoulder fool you like it fooled me…the arms do not move. There is no articulation on these things at all.

BP-Metal05Comparatively, they are roughly the same height as Funko Pop!, but in my opinion definitely lack in the same appeal. Looking at the comparison picture on the right, these “Metals” figures have super-deformed arms…yep, super-deformed arms…that give the figure an almost ape-like quality. It misses out on the “cutesy” factor of the Funko Pop!, and instead goes for a more realistic look, in a hyper-deformed manner, if that makes sense.

The die cast metal is nice because it makes it heavy…it makes for a good paperweight. But the overall design is a huge miss for me. I don’t feel compelled to bring this to work and display it on my desk (where I already have 5 Pop! figures sitting there). This will definitely go on my display in my man-cave, but it will have to sit in the land of the misfit Marvel collectibles because outside of the Deadpool figure that I have of this line, I doubt I will get anymore (unless they also do a War Machine and a Falcon figure).

What do you think of this line? Let me know in the comments…

 BP-Metal01 BP-Metal02 BP-Metal03 BP-Metal04