We all knew it before we saw the movie, but we knew that Black Panther was going to be big. And then we saw what Chadwick Boseman has made of the role and it was damn near perfect. On to the sell-out of the Black Panther figures.

This time round, we’re taking a look at the Funko Pop! regular Black Panther and the unmasked version which was a Walgreens exclusive.  Here is my Walgreens rant.  Walgreens, if you decide you want to sell Funko Pop! figures, please keep the Marvel ones stocked. Every single Walgreens in my area since I’ve purchased (the last on the shelf) Black Panther exclusive has absolutely no Marvel Funko Pop! figures.  If you want an Elsa or Olaf Funko Pop!, they have your back. That I find completely ridiculous.

There is one other Black Panther variant (Walmart Exclusive) I am missing and doubt I would spend very much time outside of loosely checking when I’m in the store. I’m pretty sure most of the scalpers out there cleaned that exclusive off the shelves with the quickness.

Nevertheless, I am very content on having these two Black Panther figures grace my shelves…

 !BlackPanther01 !BlackPanther04 !BlackPanther02 !BlackPanther03