***SPOILERS*** Movie Review: Captain America:Civil War



This review contains ***SPOILERS***



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Let me just start with, this movie was the boss of all Marvel movies. I have heard reviewers saying that this is what “Avengers 2” should have been and I can gladly, wholeheartedly say that “YES IT WAS”. But let me go back and say that Avengers 2: Age of Ultron had it’s role in the Marvel cinematic universe…much like the Star Wars prequel trilogy does. It exists to provide some of the basic story, and it’s good for watching once, maybe twice (maybe), but ultimately, it will be that Avengers movie that once you’ve done it, you will never have to do it again.  Captain America: Civil War is the exact opposite. As I was sitting watching the movie, I was thinking to myself “when and where is the next time I’m going to see this?”  I thought about buying the streaming version, and then maybe picking up the Blu-Ray steelbook.  And this is all without even finishing the movie yet.  I was only to the middle.  That’s how good it is.

First spoiler:  Crossbones is not the villain of the movie. He has such a build-up surrounding him…as he could very well be the “big bad” that reunites the Avengers in the end. We were pretty much led to believe that. In toy form, Crossbones already has three iterations of Funko Pops! dedicated to his likeness and a Hot Toys figure was revealed a few days ago. He will definitely be the one, right? Well, cross Crossbones off your list…it ain’t him (and pun intended).

What I was surprised at was the supporting role that Sharon Carter/Agent 13 played in the movie. She was well entrenched in almost the entire first half, if not more. And we finally get a satisfying hookup between her and Cap. Of course after his first love, her elderly aunt Peggy Carter bites the dust. Maybe Cap feels free to finally consummate that relationship now that he doesn’t have to look at Peggy’s old ass…  One of the best scenes in the movie (there were so many) is when Cap finally kisses Sharon…with his two best friends Falcon and Bucky looking on.  And it was refreshing to see Bucky and Falcon smiling and giggling, like friends would do when they see something like that. Best Natural Reaction ever….even though there was a world-wide manhunt to find them going on.

Up next? Let’s just talk about Spider-Man, shall we?  First off, Marisa Tomei as Aunt May.  She is probably the youngest and hottest Aunt May to grace it all…movie, cartoon, television or comic book…although the Ultimate Universe Aunt May was a close second…with Sally Field pulling up the rear (even though she was in her early to mid sixties…but I’ve always liked “Gidget”). So let’s talk about it for a second – Marisa Tomei is 51 years old…back in the earlier days when Spider-Man was first created, 51 DID look like the old ass Aunt May we used to know…but nowadays 50 is the new 30. I see so many attractive 50+ women nowadays that I would…let me not finish that statement. Let’s just say that it makes sense that Aunt May would be in her 50’s which could make her younger in-laws (Peter’s parents) ideally in their mid to late 40’s.  That works for me.  Shit, Robert Downey Jr. and Don Cheadle are both 51 and I don’t hear people talking shit about them, so it should be all good.

The Spider-Man scenes were perfect. They have picked a good Spider-Man/Peter Parker and I look forward to the rebooted Spider-Man series. He had that classic Spider-Man feel and look to him…which is good. He jokes when he fights, which is great.  Here’s a big spoiler…we’ve been watching trailers since the beginning.  What you don’t see in the trailer is that during the airport scene when the two opposing teams run at each other, Spider-Man is also there on Team Iron Man…they just left that little tidbit out on the trailers.  Which was fine for me, it was a pleasant surprise how much he was in this movie.  We got at least a good 30 minutes of Peter/Spidey, so that was satisfying as well.

Let’s talk about the airport scene. Hands down one of the best superhero fights of all movietime superhero fights. That 15 minutes alone of fighting I could watch over and over again, with each viewing slowly helping me forget the shitfest that Batman vs. Superman turned out to be.  All that AND they fought in the daylight…learn from that Warner Brothers…daylight fighting is GOOD.  You can actually see stuff happening on the screen.

I won’t talk about everything, but I did want to fit in the Black Panther. Chadwick Boseman did such an excellent job as T’Challa/Black Panther that he made a believer out of my wife…she declared the Black Panther her new favorite superhero and she can’t wait for his solo movie coming next year.  The Black Panther lore seemed to come from the Reginald Hudlin era of him writing the Black Panther…including Everett Ross and the infamous Dora Milaje (at least one of them), the Amazon-like warrior bodyguards for T’Challa (as well as all of them being his betrothed).  Definitely kicked ass and left sizable scratches in Cap’s shield…those things don’t grow on trees.

The only reason I would knock it down a few points? No Hulk, Thor, or even a Nick Fury cameo…come on y’all, Stan Lee is 93 and he managed to make an appearance!  All-in-all, a very fun and exciting 2 1/2 hours of political intrigue, moral integrity, and straight ass-kicking action!