Here is my first Funko Pop! of the Captain America: Civil War…and it is my second favorite character in the movie (only next to Black Panther), the high-flying Falcon. This Falcon Funko Pop! is an Hot Topic exclusive and it sells fast. The day I was getting my Pop!, there were at least two other people buying two a piece. I’m not sure why the Falcon Pop! wasn’t a wide release figure since he is one of the main characters in the movie, but who am I to judge? That’s probably the second time I have ever gone inside of Hot Topic (not including the times I walked by and looked in the window), so I guess it worked to that extent.

I like the fact that they have him suspended in the air, but I really wish it was higher…or maybe if it could be raised higher.  The figure being an equivalent of 2 cm. off the ground really doesn’t have the desired effect that I think that Funko wanted it to have.

At any rate, this looks great on my desk at work and is a welcome addition to any collection.

 !Falcon01!Falcon02 !Falcon03 !Falcon04 !Falcon05 !Falcon06 !Falcon07