The highly anticipated Hot Toys Black Panther has dropped and is now live on Sideshow Toy’s website. If any other Black Panther action figure has been any indication, this will definitely be HOT (pun sort of intended). The last Marvel Legends Black Panther (from the “Rocket Raccoon” BAF series) is now going for around $70 – $80 on the secondary market.  I’ve even seen the Marvel Legends version of this figure going already for up to $50 online (I get mine tomorrow).

Just a quick note, the NDA has been lifted on the movie itself, and early reviews are extremely positive. Personally, Avengers: Age of Ultron turned me off to most of the collectibles, including the Hot Toys offerings (that plus the fact that I was broke at the time), but something so simple as the trailers and the building anticipation is making me want to own each figure in this “Civil War” series.  This movie has been called more of an Avengers movie than the last Avengers movie.  That means a lot to me and should to you as well.

So if you’re a Hot Toys fan at all, this is most assuredly a must-buy. The only thing that I don’t see is a separate head sculpt of Chadwick Boseman, which is definitely a downer, but Hot Toys has been known to add stuff to the offering later down the line, so it may still be a possibility…fingers crossed! Check out the pictures below and let me know what you think the new figure…

 BlackPanther01BlackPanther02 BlackPanther16 BlackPanther15 BlackPanther14 BlackPanther13 BlackPanther12 BlackPanther11 BlackPanther10 BlackPanther09 BlackPanther07 BlackPanther06 BlackPanther05 BlackPanther04 BlackPanther03