Marvel’s first Black superhero who will be one of the heroes featured in “Captain America: Civil War” will be getting a comic-version Marvel Select figure exclusively to be sold through Marvel and Disney stores.

Up until now, Black Panther has not been immortalized very much in plastic.  I believe I own most (if not all) of the action figures.  The 6-inch Toy Biz Marvel Legends Black Panther was originally released back in 2005.  The next one was the 3.75″ Hasbro Marvel Universe Black Panther released around 2009.  The last one I picked up was the 6″ Hasbro Marvel Legends Black Panther most recently in 2013.  Because of the rarity of these Black Panther action figures, the secondary market price has shot through the roof.

With the coming of Captain America: Civil War, the introduction of the Black Panther to the Marvel cinematic universe will definitely produce a bevy of figures, and Diamond Select has been first to shoot with making this comic-version of the classic character. I’m pretty sure that a variety of figures are to follow.

Be sure to pre-order this figure right now at the Marvel Store or Disney Store locations (they are the same exact price and I’m 95% sure they are coming from the same warehouse, so pick your poison):

  BlackPanther02 BlackPanther03 BlackPanther04