Okay, just to be clear, there will be SPOILERS in this review.  You have been warned.  Don’t come to me complaining if you haven’t seen the film yet.





Alright then, the movie.  I’m just going to be straight up and offer my opinion on some of the plot points as best I can.  Overall, I thought the movie was pretty good and like everyone is saying, it is exactly what we wanted and exactly what we needed.  I find it kind of insulting that George Lucas was all like “fans are going to love it.”  Why didn’t he take the time to give us a movie that we were going to love?  Almost like he was saying, “I’m just going to put some trash out there to explain the original trilogy, f*&^ the fans.” Haters gonna hate.

Okay now Finn – from the beginning, it was setup like he was going to be the main Jedi of the film, although in my honest opinion, I thought both him AND Rey would be the Jedi.  That would be a good movie…two untrained Jedi fumbling around with lightsabers trying to free the galaxy from the Dark Side.  Now that’s a movie.  Finn was a little goofy, but he had his saving graces.  A little too overeager at times led to some laughs, but after seeing the movie a second time, I admit I felt a little uncomfortable with his seemingly borderline buffoonery.  He pulled back just enough to make me continue to like him instead of hate him a la Jar Jar Binks.

Rey – a great start with her character.  She was a little stiff at times, but it worked for her and can’t wait to see her character develop.  Who is she?  Is she a Skywalker?  Is she a Kenobi?  A lot of people are asking why and how she would be a Kenobi, but as established in the animated show, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Obi Wan had his own little royal sidepiece that kept him warm at night.  No telling what happened with that relationship and where it led.  He could very well have a kid who had a kid who grows up to be Rey.  BUT, all signs are pointing to the fact that she’s Luke’s kid.  That of course is the obvious choice.

Kylo Ren – started off strong and ended up as a whiny Darth Vader wannabe brat.  This dude can stop laser blasts in mid-air – something we haven’t seen at all in the series.  But ultimately, his “Daddy issues” ended up being his defeat, but he will be back, and possibly stronger than before after he completes “his training.”  By the way, if you’re reading this and you wanted to be spoiled, Kylo Ren was originally Ben Solo, son of Leia and Han who was training with Luke before being swayed to the dark side the new big bad, Supreme Leader Snoke (compensate much “supreme leader”?)  Can’t wait to see the rematch between Ren and Rey…I want to see some missing limbs by the next movie!  Just realized that their names are one letter apart.  Finn, Ben, Ren, Rey…not a lot of originality there…(ha).

Han Solo dying?  Had to happen.  Was not surprised at all.  Leia – was it me or was she Botoxed to death?  Chewie – pretty much the same.

BB-8 – great wannabe R2-D2, with enough differences to make him unique.  Just when I was getting used to an anti R2 (Chopper from Star Wars: Rebels), we get this little fella.  His relationship with Poe kind of seemed forced, but his relationship with Rey was fine.  I don’t think Poe and BB-8 would have the same friendship as Luke and R2, although it is somewhat implied.

Poe…throwaway character that I thought would be somewhat important.  Right now he’s reminding me of Wedge Antilles, a character that I didn’t realize survived all three of the original trilogy until I was an adult.  That’s how I kind of feel about Poe.  Let’s hope they give him more of a chance to be part of the group in the next movie.

Captain Phasma…a damn shame that they didn’t use Gwendolyn Christie’s character that much.  Love her in Game of Thrones…and I thought she would add much charisma here, but it missed the mark.  It has been confirmed that she’ll be in Episode 8, so hope to see her more then.

Maz Kanata – I hope we get to see more about her in future films, including the Han Solo prequel.  It sounds like that they have a pretty good history together.  And her being as old as Yoda (or even older) you know they had to have crossed paths at some point.  Waiting to hear how she got her hands on the lightsaber that was last seen careening into the depths of Cloud City with Luke’s right hand attached to it in “Empire Strikes Back”…now THAT could be an interesting movie.

Well, that’s enough of me spoiling this movie.  I’m sure if you’re reading this, you have already read the hundreds of reviews and theories that popped up a week ago when the movie first came out.  Let me know what you think in the comments.