I’m not a big statue guy, but if I see something I like and it’s in the realm of possibility for me to own it, I may pick it up.  The new Kotobukiya Black Panther statue is one of those collectibles that I have to have. Beautifully sculpted, posed, and painted, and reasonably priced, this is a must have for any Black Panther fan.

This statue is now on pre-order from online retailers including Kotobukiya’s US site, www.kotous.com.


 Black-Panther-Fine-Art-Statue-001 Black-Panther-Fine-Art-Statue-002 Black-Panther-Fine-Art-Statue-003 Black-Panther-Fine-Art-Statue-004 Black-Panther-Fine-Art-Statue-005 Black-Panther-Fine-Art-Statue-006 Black-Panther-Fine-Art-Statue-007 Black-Panther-Fine-Art-Statue-008 Black-Panther-Fine-Art-Statue-009