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It’s been a week since “Force Friday” where all of the retailers have released their Star Wars related products including products from the new upcoming movie, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” (didn’t know it went to sleep). Anyway, we finally get an actual representation of the newest Black guy in the Star Wars universe, Finn (aka Jakku?) (EDIT: Thanks to Google and reader Mike Kaess, I now realize that Jakku is the desert planet he wears this outfit on). I have been purposely not reading any updates so that the movie will stay somewhat of a surprise to me, but I do know that Finn will be one of the protagonists in the movie, and even a possible Jedi.

Finn00Did I run out and stand in line with thousands of other excited collectors? Nope, don’t have time like that…but I have picked up a couple of things here and there in the last week or so. I’ve been out of the game for so long that I thought that I could at least review something that has been released in the last month or so.

I managed to pick up three different versions of Finn, although this was by no means the only things out there. I left a 12″ Hasbro craptastic Finn on the peg (like everyone else apparently), a slightly repainted 3.75″ figure (same as one on the left) with “armor” (and a $6 bump in price) and another 3.75″ Finn with a vehicle. I’m sure there are other figures waiting to snatch your money, but these will be the only ones I get…at least until the Hot Toys figure is released. But knowing Hot Toys, we won’t see that thing until well into 2016.

Anyway, I hope those who wanted to managed to grab a few things of what they want. Let’s check out the 6″ Star Wars Black version of Finn from Star Wars: The Force Awakens.





Finn02 Finn03With a new movie comes new packaging for all of Hasbro’s Star Wars products. Right off the back, definitely a nice change compared to their previous iterations, especially the one immediately before this one, which made it near impossible to tell what figures were on the peg. This new series conveniently has a numbering system (similar to Hasbro’s other brand, Marvel Legends Infinite) which should make it easier to identify on the peg and help collectors. Finn is conveniently numbered “01” on the side (as well as the back).

On the front, we get a uniquely designed window box nicely displaying the figure inside. Hopefully, Funco won’t copy this design like they did the original Black series boxes. Also impressive is the stylized picture of Finn on the front. Just in case after you see the movie you didn’t know who the character was. I sound a little sarcastic, but I bet there will be one or two grandmas that will appreciate this attention to detail.

On the back we get a larger scale of the picture from the front reiterated onto the back (again, for those weak-eyed grandmas). We also get the very first bio-blurb with a brief (very brief) rundown of Finn and his upcoming role to the movie: “A trained warrior desperate to escape his past. Finn is plunged into adventure as his conscience drives him down a heroic, but dangerous, path.” No offense, but this description just described about every other protagonist and hero in movie and comic book history, so no revelations there. Although we do get the same blurb in three other languages…

Finn04Once you open the box and pull out the figure, you will see kind of how lackluster and anticlimatic the presentation of the actual figure can be. The red background has not texture like we’ve seen in the past. Even the plastic the figure is encased in somehow seems a little…cheap, for lack of a better word. You can kind of tell that these figures were rushed off the assembly line and stuck in a box to ship to the millions of fans around the world…but that doesn’t justify how crappy this presentation exactly is. To be fair, it did look better in the box.

Packaging Score: 6.75 out of 10 ★★★★★★¾☆☆☆ 





Finn05finn (1)This is an easy one…Finn comes with exactly ONE accessory…his blaster. Yes, it is a nice big ass blaster, but what the hell? Is giving us more than one accessory going to spoil the movie? What about this still from the actual movie to the right?

Yep, you and I are seeing this correctly…Finn is holding a blue lightsaber. I’m not sure this makes him a Jedi or not, but he is now being advertised in posters holding a lightsaber. Did he steal it? Did he find it? Who cares?

Finn06This pisses me off for one main reason…this means that somewhere down the line, Hasbro is going to issue another Finn action figure, and this time WITH a lightsaber. That’s some greedy corporate shit right there.

But that’s okay, because do you know who else has a blue lightsaber? Anakin “freakin'” Skywalker. So just for this review, we can see what this figure looks like with a lightsaber in his hand. Doesn’t that just feel better?

I’m happy with at least one accessory. But until we get more, I’m not scoring this any higher…

Accessories Score: 4 out of 10 ★★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆ 





Finn07Now that I have the figure in my hand, I can say that this figure does look pretty much like John Boyega, the actor who plays Finn in the movie. For a 6″ scale figure, it is pretty accurate.

But of course, in my “nitpickiness”, I have a couple of issues. One, his eyes look like they are trying to roll up in his head. To me they could have set the eyes a little better. The figure almost has the appearance of being “cross-eyed” in a few angles.

The other thing that bothers me are his shoes…the color of his shoes does not go with his outfit, as you all know shoes are important to me, and I use the best Vessi men’s shoes to prove this. Yeah, I know how that sounds and trust me I hear it as I type it, but dammit, light beige shoes just look wrong on this outfit. Or at least dated. I know JJ Abrams is trying to bring back the original look and feel of the first trilogy, but I didn’t know that included 70s fashion sense as well.

Speaking of color, why is his blaster some puke green color? Every trailer and picture I see (like the one at the top of the page) shows his blaster to either be Black or some type of metallic finish. I would hate for people to think that he’s rolling around fighting the Dark Side with a Super Soaker.

As far as accuracy, the clothing looks close to what he is wearing in the previews. Of course we haven’t seen all of his outfits…you know toy companies would put out a different figure for each outfit they wear in a movie. I think Luke Skywalker has about 4-5 outfits per movie. We’ll probably see the same for Finn.

Sculpt/Likeness Score: 6.25 out of10 ★★★★★★¼☆☆☆ 






This figure comes with a fairly decent 22 points of articulation. I’m actually a little disappointed that it did not have more. The Star Wars Black line is supposed to be about premium articulation and sculpting, but I feel they missed out.

Some of the disappointment areas include not having a bicep swivel or double-hinged elbows on the arms. This made it very hard to try to do a two-handed stance with the borrowed lightsaber I placed in his hands.

Waist articulation was replaced by an abdomen swivel…which is okay. But any of the midriff articulation is hampered slightly by the stiff jacket the figure is wearing.

Also missing is an ankle swivel, but the thigh swivel sort of makes up for it.

I believe other Star Wars Black figures have more articulation and the lack thereof on this figure is pretty unacceptable.

Articulation Score: 6 out of10 ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆ 



Some final Thoughts…

Finn09FINN-HDRI’m really excited for the new movie (me and everyone else in the world), but what this figure did not do is make me feel more excited about it. I remember when I stood in line waiting for the new figures for The Phantom Menace and how each figure made me anticipate how the story was going to play out. Ultimately I was HUGELY disappointed, but that does not negate how excited I did feel before the movie.

I don’t have that same excitement with this figure in hand. I really think the lack of accessories (especially the lightsaber) did it for me. Or maybe now I’m just 16 years older and a little more cynical. I really hope Hasbro ups their game because as of now, it’s lacking big time.

Speaking of Hasbro, why is it so damn hard to find a damn action figure? Everywhere I go, all of the pegs are nearly empty of action figures…that should have been the one thing they got right. I always point to Playmates and their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles display…I have only seen it empty once and that was during the holidays…they hardly ever let those pegs go empty.