What I’m Reading this Week…

A Voice In the Dark 001 (2013) (Digital) (Darkness-Empire) 001Image – A Voice in the Dark 01

This week starts off with a new Top Cow/Image comic series named A Voice in the Dark. In it, we have an unassuming mixed-race girl on her way to college. But she has a darkness within her which could lead to her becoming a serial killer. She constantly has fantasies of hurting or killing those around her.

As an outlet for her pre-murderous rages, she starts a college radio talk show called “A Voice in the Dark”, where people can anonymously call in and express their own deepest, darkest secrets. Only time will tell whether this could help or harm her .

Excellent start to an indie-feel comic book. A break from my norm. As a Black man with anger issues, I can understand some of the “fantasies” that our main character goes through…I know I’ve had plenty of them myself. Definitely a must-read if you’re into things like “Dexter” and are tired of the basic “superhero” formula.




DC – Green Lantern Corps 25 (Zero Year mini-series tie-in)

Not so much an origin story, but a little historical insight into my favorite Green Lantern, John Stewart. This takes a closer look into the mindset of John as he tries to help the people of Gotham City in their time of need.

While this is not an origin story per se, we do see what John was doing before he joined the Green Lantern Corps. We see some past interaction with his family and his upbringing of how he has become the man he is today.

I like how they touch on race relations in this issue, even if it sometimes feels a little disingenuous. With tighter writing, I could maybe identify a little closer with him.  DC has never been strong in this area, but at least they keep trying.





Mighty Avengers (2013-) 003-000Marvel – Mighty Avengers 03 (Infinity Mini-Series Tie-In)

All I can say is “YES YES YES YES YES!!!” Some of my favorite ex-Avengers and superheroes form up and fight the forces of Thanos while the majority of the other Avengers teams are fighting in space.

So who do we have?

Mighty Avengers (2013-) 003-009Luke Cage – YES. He’s one of the best picks that Marvel has had and now that he’s getting his own live action show, he will hopefully be in the forefront for a long while.

Spectrum – I never really liked her as “Captain Marvel” and her pseudo-afro look she had going, but dammit if they haven’t made her sexy as hell in this book. Call her Monica…or Spectrum if you’re nasty!

Blue “freaking” Marvel – If you want to know how to do race relations in the comic books, then I think Marvel has it down. Take a black superhero from the sixties who has to keep his identity hidden to be able to save people…some who are racist as hell. Then have him enter into an interracial marriage during the height of the civil rights era…loved that origin story.  I’m so glad that Marvel brought him back into the mix and placed him on a really strong Avengers line-up.

Add to that the Superior Spider-man (spoiler, it’s Doc Ock possessing Peter Parker’s body), White Tiger, the new Power-Man, and possibly down the line Doctor Strange, and you once again have a great line-up. Please leave Wolverine off of this team, he’s busy enough.