I’m really trying to keep some type of consistency with this site…I have a couple of reviews that I’m finishing up and I have some ideas about some expansion.  I even eventually would like to do a Podcast…but that’s down the road.

I haven’t showcased a comic in a while, but I have been reading some really good stuff, so I thought I would share. Please note, I’m about a year behind (okay, a year and a half) so most of this stuff will be old.  But if I keep some consistency with this section, I hope to get up to date real soon. Let me know what you think in the comments…


Marvel – Avengers 21 (Infinity Mini-Series Tie-In)Avengers

It’s no secret that I love Marvel. They just seem a little more progressive than DC sometimes.

Case in point – one of the Avengers is actually the essence of the Universe housed inside a Black woman. I mean, my wife thinks she’s the Queen B**** of the Universe (and I tell her everyday that she is), but to be the actual embodiment of the whole universe is on a whole other level.

Infinity was Marvel’s 2013 big event of the year…or at least one of them. It’s a good read, but feels a little disjointed at times. Like outside of the Avengers being preoccupied fighting an alien race, what is the real connection between Thanos and the aforementioned alien race? Is it just everyone hates Earth and wants to destroy it? We’ll stay tuned and see how this one plays out.



DC – Batwing 24

BatwingI’ve mentioned Batwing on here before, but since then we have had another brother take over the Batwing Mantle. This one is now Luke Fox, the son of Wayne Enterprises CEO, Lucious Fox. I have never really known how many kids Lucious Fox has had, but it seems like he continuously has as many as the current storyline needs to push forward.

Batwing01I really think they changed Batwings because they really didn’t know where they were going with the David Zavimbe/African angle. It seemed to be heading toward nowhere. They then tried to bring Batwing to America with the Justice League International and then solo…that kind of bombed. So they finished off the “African” angle and brought Batwing back to the states with an American. I mean, he can (and has) travel international when he needs to.

So far pretty basic stories but interesting enough to keep reading. I’m guessing this won’t last too much longer because A) I already know they canceled this series and B) DC Collectibles has not made a Batwing action figure (which is weird because they have made every other character in the New 52 world). Good read, but don’t get too attached…




Marvel – Fearless Defenders 10 (Infinity Mini-Series Tie-In)
Fearless Defenders

Misty ‘freakin’ Knight and a random group of female heroes fighting aliens. Nuff said.

I mean, who doesn’t love Misty Knight? She’s so damn popular now, she’s getting her own Marvel Legends action figure…the first action figure from any company of this iconic heroine who has been around for nearly 40+ years. I still have hope that we’ll be getting that Dani Moonstar action figure we were supposed to get like three years ago but was never produced.

I’m not sure, but I don’t think this will last either. Enjoyable read, but I don’t know if the core audience will be big enough to keep this one alive. 2013 was an idealistic year of hope, wasn’t it?




Valiant- Quantum and Woody 4
Quantum & Woody 004 (2013) (Digital) (Darkness-Empire) 001

I never read Quantum and Woody when it was first around years ago, but this resurgence of Valiant titles has been a pleasant surprise!

Quick summary, Quantum and Woody are brothers (Woody was adopted by Quantum’s father) who get into all sorts of shit. Their father dies, they go to look into it and gain a set of unknown super powers via a pair of power bracelets that their father invented.

Quantum01This issue wraps up the first story arc. And it was funny as hell. The political incorrectness, the racial awareness, the blatant sexism, ageism, and the rest of the “isms” come together to make one funny ass comic book. If you read it, you’ll find that you know someone like Woody…and are on the border of probably smacking him on the head.  A must read!




Image – The Walking Dead: Tyreese Special

The Walking Dead TyreeseSpoiler alert: If you are reading this and are a fan of The Walking Dead Comic book AND TV show, then stop reading now…


So they finally killed off Tyreese in the TV show. I didn’t know if it was coming or not since Tyreese has gathered a pretty good fan following, but just like the comic book, no one is safe. You thought people died in the Game of Thrones? Game of Thrones has nothing on Robert Kirkman and TWD, son!

This special edition focuses on Tyreese and how he came to be with the group we all know and love. Even though the book and the show have a slight variation, we see some common threads between the two. A must read for any The Walking Dead fan…unless you are just going to bitch about Tyreese being dead all around!




Marvel – Ultimate Comics Spider-Man 28

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man 028-000I think we finally see Miles Morales come into his own. While he struggled for awhile trying to accept his role as the new Spider-Man, it seems it took a lot of tragedy and a little maturity to finally come to terms with it.

Ultimate Comics Spider-MaAll in time for Galactus of Earth-616 to show up and destroy their universe. Good times.

I think this issue also finally made me like Jessica Drew, the female Peter Parker clone, aka Spider-Woman. Between her and this universe’s Cloak & Dagger, I think they make a solid team of young superheroes. Looking forward to seeing more of this group…of course if they survive.