Another year, another direct to DVD (or streaming service) Justice League animated movie. And like the last one, this one manages to fit six months of comic book storytelling in about a condensed 70 minutes.

If you liked Justice League: War, then you will undoubtedly like Throne of Atlantis. I know some people were upset when Shazam was used in Justice League: War instead of Aquaman. Well, it gets explained in this continuation of this version of the DC Universe.

We get a lot of storytelling in a very short 70 minutes, but the main focus is the origin of Aquaman. And you can’t have Aquaman with notable baddies, Ocean Master (his half-brother, Orm) and Black Manta (of course, a personal favorite) tagging along.


Black Manta in Justice League: Throne of Atlantis

I think the setup was good and the fighting was excellent. Growing up, I always thought Aquaman was the weakest on the team, but DC has done their best in the comic and this animated universe to have Aquaman stand out among his Justice League peers.

‘Throne’ also examines briefly how the Justice League superheroes relate to one another and how they form relationships outside of their group and with each other. Yeah, I know, all of this still took place within 70 minutes.


Cyborg contemplating his humanity


So without giving too much more away, Aquaman teams up with the Justice League to try and regain his throne in the lost city of Atlantis. That’s about all I can tell you without giving too much away about the plot.

Check out the trailer below!