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Well, as of me typing this, we are two episodes into the new season and well on our way for this one to be one of the best yet! The first episode blew me away…and (*spoiler*) half of a makeshift survivor town too! I can’t wait to see what’s coming.

As promised (sort of), I’m continuing with my week of The Walking Dead. I hope you don’t mind that we’re now heading into week 3 of my “week”. Next up, we have ThreeZero’s entry into the 1/6th scale world of The Walking Dead. Weirdly enough, they have started not with one of the major characters like Rick or Michonne, but with Michonne’s pets. Although a weird entry by ThreeZero, I’ll enter in my two cents on why they chose these two to start their Walking Dead franchise of 12″ figures in my “final thoughts” section.


0MPets02 0MPets03I have to admit: I’ve gotten real spoiled on Hot Toys packaging. I think the packaging is definitely part of the premium price for a reason and they definitely take it to another level.

I figure since these ThreeZero figures are not as expensive as a Hot Toys figure, their packaging on their figures won’t be as flashy as a Hot Toys or even Sideshow Toys. And I am right.

The figures come in tall, slender boxes with a layer of cellophane vacuum-packed around them.  I had to take the cellophane off just to be able to stand them up straight and take decent pictures. Although stylized around the grim, bleak setting of The Walking Dead TV show, the boxes are just very bland.

The front of the boxes show The Walking Dead title, a picture of the figure inside, and the name of the figure below (these figures aptly named “Michonne’s Pet 1” and “Michonne’s Pet 2”). Nothing really grabs you except the fact that you know it is a 1/6th scale Walking Dead figure.

The back is equally or even more boring. Basically, a bloody handprint and ThreeZero’s logo below it.

0MPets04 0MPets05The only redeeming factor to me about the packaging is that after turning it around a couple of times, I found out that the boxes themselves have a magnetic flap that opens up to a window display of the figure. However, the figures are also wrapped in plastic, so for those “mint in boxes” collectors, this would make it very hard to see and enjoy your figure from this window view only because now the view is obstructed by plastic wrap. I guess if you want to display it in the box, you can carefully open it from the bottom (which I did), take off the plastic wrapping, and then place it back in the box. But damn, who wants to do all of that?

Let me also note that if you look at the Pet on the left, the plastic seems to be still holding it’s proper form. With the Pet on the left, the plastic looks like it started to melt within the box. It was very malformed and pretty useless for protection. I’m lucky that nothing was wrong with the figure itself.

Packaging Score: 5 out of 10 ★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆ 


0MPets08 0MPets09This category is a hard one to judge. If you go by what’s detachable from the figures, then yes, I can count the backpacks, the chains, and even the boots and pants. I guess I’m skeptical because most of that stuff came preassembled.  You pretty much just have to take the figure out of the box.

So yes, there is a detachable backpack. But what I would have like to have seen are tools, supplies and weapons that would have gone in the backpack and even attached to the side of it. Unfortunately, we get none of that. I know the 5″ McFarlane Toys Pets even comes with extra arms and a jaw if you would like to use those zombies walkers elsewhere in another display. Unfortunately we do not get the extra arms or the detachable jaws like we do with the McFarlane Toys versions, so we have to live with what is given.  I’m hoping that as we get more figures, we may get some weapons that we can place inside the bag or attach to them since these walkers are pretty much used as beasts of burden.

If we are counting the pants as accessories, then yes, I do like the real material feel of the pants and we even get the “gangsta” walkers…with their pants pulled down exposing their boxers underneath. So even in our action figures we can’t escape this (personal opinion) annoying and nasty fashion statement.

Since it’s my review, I’m leaning more for counting all of the detachables as “accessories”.

Accessories Score: 7.25 out of 10 ★★★★★★★¼☆☆ 


00Michonne-005In comparing the likeness, I will first compare the likeness to the McFarlane Toys version seen on the left (with their optional arms and jaws placed in). Compared  with these action figures, I say there was a dead on likeness. Even the paint application on the McFarlane toys matches the color scheme on the ThreeZero figures.

0MPets07When comparing to the actual actors that played the two zombies (seen in the image at the top of the page), we get some sense of the likeness, although it seems hard to capture the grunginess of the clothes and the dirt and gore hanging off the walker.  They did manage to capture the dead, white glossed over eyes of the walkers themselves.

So where does that leave us? Definitely a toss up. The basics are there and overall I would say a good likeness. I definitely thinking paying a premium price for these figures, they better damn well have the look and feel of the zombies in the show. With that said, I still say it’s a toss up and you can easily mistake these walkers for any other walker on the show (well, if they had arms and jaws).

I like them…if you have an opinion of them either way (good, bad or neutral) please leave me a comment below. I think overall I will like them, once I get my Michonne figure.  But until then, I’ll continue to straddle the fence on this one. I’ll still give it a decent score though…

Sculpt/Likeness Score: 8 out of10 ★★★★★★★★☆☆ 


With no arms, these figures still manage to have about 14+ points of articulation. Pretty impressive overall, but if you are comparing to the “Hot Toys” standard, then it is pretty average.

What I would like to mention is that these figures have a seamless neck joint…the rubber-like skin covers the joint, but still retains a pretty good degree of articulation. That is a definite plus in my book.

Legs have decent articulation and great range of motion. Waist articulation as well.

If I were to ding these figures on anything, it would be on how loose some of the joints are. The figure on the left I had little issues with. But the figure on the right had very loose knee joints, so getting him to keep standing was extremely frustrating at times.

With all that said, I can’t wait to see the next entry in this series. Hopefully, the next one will have arms.

Articulation Score: 7 out of 10 ★★★★★★★☆☆☆ 

Some final Thoughts…

So I wanted to share my feelings on the reasoning with ThreeZero starting with Michonne’s pets rather than a major character on the show. I think ThreeZero wanted to test the waters, and see what the interest would be. They wanted to choose a figure (or figures in this case) that could not only fit into the world of The Walking Dead, but could be used as generic zombies in any line, therefore both testing the waters, and also being able to sell their inventory if things ended up not going well.

I also think with the lack of arms, there was definitely some cost savings in producing these figures. They would also be able to get them to market quicker, all the while producing prototypes for their other figures while this one sells in retail.

0MichonneHeadI wanted to know if there were anymore Walking Dead figures in production.  They apparently have a Merle and a Rick figure in the works. But one of the only characters I really care about is also coming – Michonne. And judging by this head sculpt I found of Michonne done presumably by ThreeZero, the 1/6th scale figure is going to be pretty damn awesome. On the downside, it took about nine months from announcement all the way to retail for these zombie figures to be produced…so I don’t expect Michonne until at the very least 2015.

Until then, I did find a stand-in to walk the Pets around my show room. But it’s just not the same…