Preview: Hot Toys Electro (From The Amazing Spider-Man 2)



If you were more than disappointed in Hasbro Electro offerings like I was, then this is the figure for you. Hot Toys has revealed their next action figure and I expect this one to go fast. This IS Jamie Foxx shrunk down to 1/6th of his size into this ultra-cool Hot Toys action figure. Like all Hot Toys, there is no denying the quality of this figure.  Can’t wait to get my hands on one to review!  Keep a look out for the pre-order link when it comes up.  Start saving now…I expect this figure to probably be out around February or March of 2015. UPDATE: I was close…it was April 2015…get it here.

electro01electro02 electro03

electro04 electro05electro15electro14electro08electro07electro09electro10electro11electro12electro13electro16

Marvel Electro Marvel Sixth Scale Figure