Preview: Hot Toys Falcon (from Captain America: The Winter Soldier)



Okay y’all, I’m back from my sabbatical. Had to think long and hard on some things. Long story short, my “collecting” had become an obsession and I had to regain focus on a hobby that I love. More on that in another post…

Anyway, Hot Toys has finally announced the 1/6th scale figure that I was looking forward to the most: The Falcon from Captain America: The Winter Soldier. There are no words for how inherently awesome this figure is turning out. So what’s so awesome about it? Well, let’s be real, it’s a Hot Toy, and so far in my long time of collecting, nothing beats a Hot Toy (yet). Case in point, check out my review of Avengers Nick Fury. He was my first official Hot Toy and now I’m sold, so proceed with caution when heading down that road. I also have the photo shoot complete of my Hot Toys Iron Man 3 War Machine Mark II, with a Iron Man 3 Patriot in the wings. And just because, I also have a Hot Toys Sideshow Toys Darth Vader (can’t get any blacker than Vader) that I can’t wait to tear into.

Back to Falcon. First, the movie was almost surprisingly very enjoyable.  I heard a lot of good things about the movie but I still reserved judgment until I viewed it myself, and I have to say, I wasn’t disappointed. The action scenes that featured Anthony Mackie as the Falcon were some of the most enjoyable scenes to me. I couldn’t wait until Hot Toys revealed this figure, and I have to say like the movie, I was not disappointed. This is a high end collectible for sure. The likeness to Anthony Mackie is uncanny. The details to his suit are superb. If I didn’t know better, I would say that I was looking at the actor himself in some of these shots. Oh did I mention that the flight suit includes a set of attachable, fully spread wings?

This figure is not expected to ship until January 2015, so be sure to save your pennies, nickels and dimes kids.

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