GLC61_CoverOkay, so I know I’m about 6-7 months behind in my comic book reading, so that just means I got done reading the “War of the Green Lanterns”.  I read the beginning, missed a few issues in the middle, and ended up reading the conclusion.  It seemed to be okay.  Sort of a forced ending.

Anyway, before I enter into the DC “New 52” as they call it, I thought I would read the last few issues leading up to it.  This issue of the Green Lantern Corps #61 features my favorite Green Lantern and one of my favorite Black Superheroes, John Stewart.

This dude is hard corps marine-turned-superhero, and they try to portray that with the cover.  Of course, this cover is painting him as some kind of raving lunatic who likes to kill his own kind for fun (what’s up with that?).  Over the past 60+ issues, this is one of the books that I look forward to reading.  The story revolves around John playing the part of mentor to a rookie Lantern and sort of brow-beating the reader in using brains over brawn.  Still a good read, and if you have some catching up to do like I have, don’t pass it by.

On another note, I would really like to pick up this action figure to review for the site.  Since I missed it the first couple of times it was available, it is now going for a premium.  I’ll have to treat myself one of these days…

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