I know I have been promising these pictures to you for two weeks. Well, I finally have some time to get mine sorted! Word of caution, the hot Michonne up there is my wife, so she may be in a few of these shots.  Hope you enjoy!

ComicCon02ComicCon03ComicCon04ComicCon05ComicCon06ComicCon07ComicCon08ComicCon09ComicCon10ComicCon11ComicCon12ComicCon13ComicCon14ComicCon15ComicCon16ComicCon17ComicCon18ComicCon19 ComicCon20 ComicCon21 ComicCon22 ComicCon23 ComicCon24 ComicCon25 ComicCon26 ComicCon27 ComicCon28

Last but not least, a family shot with me as Luke Cage and my daughter as Michonne’s Pet Zombie: