I went to Target the other day and did my normal walk down the toy aisle and my jaw dropped…you know that crappy “TITAN HERO” series that they produce across their lines? (including Marvel, Star Wars, and Transformers)  Well now they are doing them in multipacks!  I was offended at the less than stellar single packs at around $10 for a 12-inch limited-articulated figure. I was fairly offended when they made a Iron Man 3 – 3 pack with three of these monstrosities in a box. Now this six pack is just freaking ridiculous.

Iron Man 3 - 3 PackI’m pretty sure this is aimed at the younger set. I can almost see how cool it could be to get these huge 12″ action (using the term loosely) figures versus a more articulated, highly-detailed 3.75″ figure at the same price. I guess what I’m mad at is that I rarely see these things fly off the shelves. Usually they stay on the shelves making the aisles look less barren because no one is buying them.  Seriously. I have never witnessed anyone buying one.

While these multipacks are a Target Exclusive, you can find the single packs almost any major retailer including Kmart and Walmart as well. Seriously, these things are everywhere.

Another reason I’m highly offended is that as a collector, we wait and wait for our Marvel Universe and Marvel Legends to make even a slight appearance on the pegs. They rarely do. But what do we get instead? This crap. I think at this point Hasbro is scared to take our money and they just make this crap for TJ Maxx/Marshalls/Ross to sell at a discount price later down the line.

What makes this six-pack worse is that it features not one but two Iron Men…neither of which are the Iron Man of choice right now. They couldn’t think of any other deserving character? Epic fail…