Action Comics #9

Action Comics #9 Action Comics #9

I know I’m waaayyy behind in my reading, but I came across this little gem over the weekend. Action Comics #9 features the Black Superman of Parallel Earth 23. We’ve seen images of the Black Superman before in the DC Universe multiverse, but this is for me the first time we get some origin and look at the actual character.

The All Black Justice League!The Justice League also features an all-Black cast…no opposites here. So if you’re Black in the normal DC universe (Earth 1 if you will), then you’re still Black. So we see Cyborg, Vixen, and Steel are still Black, but now we have a Black Wonder Woman and a Black Batman. I couldn’t determine from the picture whether that is a Black Hal Jordan or just John Stewart as the Green Lantern.

I hope they explore this more and hope DC Collectibles or Mattel gets off their butts and make this into an action figure someday!

Update: Just found out that this Superman will be the star of his own comic book called Multiversity (by comic legend Grant Morrison), exploring the New 52 multiverse! Here’s a link to the article: