Quick Review: Mcfarlane Toys NFL Playmakers

Mcfarlane Toys NFL PlaymakersAre you ready for some football?!? It’s Super Bowl XLVII Sunday y’all, and I’m getting ready for this showdown. Apparently, I’m one of the few pulling for the Baltimore Ravens. But it is looking to be a good matchup.

Of course, Mcfarlane Toys has their 3rd series of NFL greats immortalized in plastic. It was with some luck that I happened to have two of them from our two Super Bowl teams today, Patrick Willis and Ray Rice. I’m getting ready for a Super Bowl party, so let’s do this quickly…


  • Some brand new players with a couple of returning ones
  • A slight increase in price, but still reasonable compared to most 3.75″ action figures
  • Great articulation – like the package says, over 20+ points of articulation
  • Adds more players to a growing collection


  • The same generic design as the first two series; generic face used for all players
  • Football is still permanently attached to hand
  • Articulation is stiff and a little cumbersome, making posing hard
  • Same exact packaging as the previous years

There are things that may make or break this series. If you like action figures and you like football, then this may appeal to you (like it does me). Series 4 is already in the works with football stars like RGIII. If they continue to be a reasonable price, I may still see fit to collect them but I would love to see Mcfarlane Toys do a little more innovation with these figures.


Final Score: 6 out of 10 ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆