Preview: Django Action Figure Review Coming Soon!

NECA Django Action Figure

Funny…as soon as I open the box up and take a couple of pictures, the powers that be decide to discontinue the line!  Oh well.  I may have a couple of more figures.  If you haven’t heard or have watched any news in the last 24 hours, The Weinstein Co. has asked NECA to stop producing these figures and pull the ones that are on store shelves due to some outcry from civil rights groups.

So of course, what happens? The figures instantly go up 1000+% on the secondary market (i.e. eBay and third party retailers on Amazon). Now most of the figures are going for $300+ a piece with Django going for $400+ and Broomhilda going for $1500-$2000+!

My humble opinion now that I have seen the movie three times now…it is a work of fiction depicting a Black man, Django, as the movie’s violent hero. If there was such an outcry with Django, why isn’t there with similar violent heroes such as the Punisher or John McClane (Die Hard)? If this is just about Quentin Tarantino’s depiction of slavery during the mid-1800’s in a cowboy setting, then bravo! How many times have we seen westerns and cowboy movies where the Black guy shows up and they treat him like every other person? Guess what? It wasn’t like that back then and to see even some semi-accurate fictionalized account of that time period is refreshing.

Off my bandwagon.  Will post a review later tonight…