Quick Review: NFL Playmakers – Ray Lewis

We are now three weeks out from Super Bowl XLVI and like every year, the excitement is building up. To celebrate, I’ll throw a quick review every couple of days from the McFarlane Toys NFL Playmakers line.

Let me just say that I love this line.  A variety of NFL superstars, over 26 points of articulation, easily fits into any 3-3/4″ collection, and they are generally priced lower than other action figures of the same size.  McFarlane Toys even saw fit to include industry standard holes on the bottom of their feet so that you can put them on an action figure stand (same size as Star Wars, GI Joe, and Marvel figures).  This makes action poses possible (as we’ll see in future reviews).

There are a couple of things that I dislike about these figures.  Both the helmet and the football are not removable.  The helmet I can almost live with, but the attached football is a little weird, especially for defensive linebacker Ray Lewis.  I mean, yeah, if he beat some dude down and snatched the football from him (which is completely possible) then yeah, I can see him with the football.  Other than that, I would have liked to pose him about to tackle another figure unconcious (preferably Tim Tebow)This would not look right if they are both carrying footballs.

Another thing that bothers me is the supposed “likeness” of these figures.  Yes, I guess that could be Ray Lewis under that helmet, but we’ll never know because the helmet cannot be removed.  He’s the right shade of brown, but other than that, there really is no other way of distinguishing him from Idris Elba besides his name and number on his jersey.

All in all, a solid figure.  More to come!

Overall Score: 7/10