Movie Review: Batman: Bad Blood (2016)

DC has been killing it with their Direct-to-DVD animated movies and this movie definitely follows suit.  Batman: Bad Blood contains elements from the comic books "Batman & Robin" (with Dick Grayson as Batman), "Batwoman", the revamped "Batwing" (with Luke Fox as Batwing instead of David Zavimbe), and a truncated version of the... Read more →
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2015 Black Action Figure of the Year Goes To…

I didn't review as much last year as I wanted to, but my favorite figure of the year was the Hot Toys Falcon from Captain America: The Winter Soldier. And it is because of a few reasons (see the original review here): It's a Hot Toys action figure (duh) Awesome sculpt, awesome accessories, and articulated wings...can't get better... Read more →
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Review: Funko Legacy Collection Firefly 6″ Zoe Washburne

  I have to admit...I was late on the Firefly bandwagon. Again I admit that I enjoyed Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its spinoff series Angel, so in my mind Joss Whedon put out some decent stuff. But when I saw Firefly, I originally wasn't feeling it. I wasn't getting the "space cowboy" feel and gave up on it after watching part of one... Read more →
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Preview: Marvel Legends 6″ and 4″ Captain America: Civil War Action Figures

Hasbro has just released previews of some of their figures from their 6" and 4" Marvel Legends lines. Figures featured in their 6" line include Black Panther (hell yeah), Captain America (meh) and Iron Man (zzzzzzz). Included in their 4" line is a Falcon with proper wings (none of those arm wings for this Falcon) and a robotic Redwing,... Read more →