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The Fury of Firestorm – The Nuclear Men #1

So my feelings on the New 52 are pretty mixed right now.  They are about 7 months into it and I just got done reading most of the #1's of the New 52 books.  Out of all of them, 'Firestorm' has the most interesting premise. It's funny to me how some books have pretty much been a continuation from where they left off (the Batman and Green... Read more →

New Movie Posters for ‘The Avengers’

New posters for 'The Avengers' movie was recently released to the public.  The anticipation continues to build for this movie and from what I hear, it should not disappoint.  I'll personally check it out in IMAX 3D and may not necessarily go opening weekend, but maybe that Monday or Tuesday following opening weekend (avoiding the... Read more →
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Review: Samuel Jackson as Nick Fury

So about 3 weeks back I declared it was Samuel L. Jackson week and reviewed the Shaft figure.  Well, things obviously did not go as planned and while I was able to get a few posts out, I did not get to review another figure.  I actually have a couple of more figures to review and this one was to be last, but I decided to go ahead and jump... Read more →
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Mister Terrific #1

So DC's New 52 universe continues with another of their well known Black superheroes, Mister Terrific, in his own monthly title. Michael Holt was a man who had everything: an Olympic gold (why are most of DC's Black characters olympians?), more collegiate degrees than he can count, and a loving wife.  Tragedy strikes leading Michael down... Read more →
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David Vonner leaves Hasbro

So I just saw this video at MTV Geek featuring David Vonner, the Senior Product Designer at Hasbro: And that got me all excited about the things to coming out from... Read more →
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Batwing #1

So who is Batwing you ask?  Batwing is Africa's newest superhero!  Batwing is a DC Comics superhero who was recruited by Batman to officially be the "Batman of Africa".  He is supported by resources from Batman including a tech suit costume and his own base of operations. So how is the comic?  I originally thought that I was not going... Read more →